Guide to optimising your Azure cloud environment

Maximising the performance of your Azure cloud environment

Many businesses have been working hard to shift their operations to the cloud in recent years, whether to better enable remote working or to modernise ageing infrastructure. Getting your organisation’s technology into the cloud is no mean feat, so it’s easy to fixate on that milestone, and leave the question of “what happens next?” for another day.

There are lots of practical steps your business can take to optimise your Azure cloud environment, whether you need to reduce costs, improve security or boost performance.

In this e-book, we’ll talk you through some of the approaches our Solutions Architects use to help our clients, including:

  1. Making the most of your licencing
  2. Getting on top of cloud spend
  3. Right-sizing storage
  4. Developing a cloud security strategy
  5. And more…

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IT Health Check Planner

A complimentary checklist to help keep your IT environment in shipshape.

While your current IT strategy may seem to be functioning well, it’s essential to avoid complacency. Digital transformation is an ongoing journey, and without periodic strategy assessments, opportunities for improvement can turn into persistent technical issues or missed chances for growth.

Rather than becoming too comfortable with your existing IT strategy, we recommend adopting a structured approach to routinely review and enhance it. You can achieve this by using our IT health check planner.

We’ve developed a straightforward checklist for conducting regular IT strategy evaluations, including tasks to be completed on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis.

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Integrating your voice communications with Microsoft Teams Telephony

Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration tool, but without connecting it to the telephone network, it’s not delivering its full potential.

Watch this short video to understand how integrating your voice communications with Microsoft Teams, can eliminate your existing telephone connections and significantly reduce costs.

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