“Our mission is to harness the power of technology for the good of our people, our customers, our society and our planet”

At Kerv, our mission extends beyond providing world-class cloud solutions and digital transformation services; it’s about prioritising people and customers above all else.

Our co-founders instilled a culture where creating an exceptional workplace and fostering meaningful relationships with our clients take precedence over revenue and profit margins.

The ripple effect

Firing up tech passion to tackle tomorrow’s challenges


nonprofit clients


hours of work experience provided


over £20k raised for good causes


over £300k invested in accelerators (custom-built tools and frameworks for Microsoft Cloud) for our nonprofit clients

Our Impact Report

Our first Impact Report showcases our commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of society and the planet.

Throughout this report, you’ll discover Kerv’s core values, our journey so far and our strategic initiatives for building a sustainable future.

Our Chief Sustainability Officer shares an insight into how we embed sustainability into our core operations and organisation culture. From championing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) to outlining our pathway to achieving Net Zero target, join us as we navigate a steep yet exciting curve towards a future defined by innovation, collaboration, and positive impact. Read our impact report here!

a cover image of Kerv's impact report from FY23-24

Kerv’s sustainability manifesto

Our commitment and beyond!

  • Health, wellbeing & communities
  • Products, services & partnerships
  • Equity, diversity & inclusion
  • Climate action
  • Governance for good
  • Health, wellbeing & communities

    Because our people always come first, we will strive to deliver a fulfilling way of working for all our employees, customers and partners.

    Our targets


    We will help people find more purpose through their work by increasing our donation of staff time to material charitable causes to 500 day.


    We will provide more support beyond work by identifying what’s important to our people and increasing work-life balance initiative engagement by 10%.


    We will increase positive community engagement by funding staff’s impact-directed participation in 4 sustainability focussed events.

  • Products, services & partnerships

    Because our work should speak for itself, we will vigorously invest to make more of what we do, about what really matters.

    Our targets


    #4 We will prioritise sustainability focussed partnerships by requiring 95% of new and renewed supplier spend to align or work towards leading ESG criteria.


    #5 We will proactively drive our customer’s sustainability goals by introducing programme level impact plans for 5% of all new revenue.


    #6 We will support the most vulnerable in wider society by donating 1% of cash profit* to charitable causes that matter to our people. *Definition of Profit – EBITDA, less exceptionals, less CapEx, less cash interest

  • Equity, diversity & inclusion

    Because our differences are proven to make us stronger, we will create more opportunities for underserved populations.

    Equity, diversity & inclusion


    We will work to alleviate historical inequalities by increasing candidates from underrepresented groups by 10%


    We will reduce the disability employment gap by setting up a candidate and employee accommodations concierge


    We will empower disadvantaged job seekers by supplying 500 hours of support to individuals not in education employment or training

  • Climate action

    Because climate change is harming our wildlife, human health and disproportionately vulnerable communities, we will ensure our work has minimal impact on the environment.

    Climate action


    We will achieve net zero as soon as practically possible, by obtaining and openly sharing an aggressive, SBTi approved, science-based target.


    We will increase climate change literacy by directly supporting 5 partners who are just beginning their climate action journeys.


    We will mobilise our workforce for collective climate action by motivating 20% of staff to join a climate positive initiative.

  • Governance for good

    Because how we do it is just as important as what we do, we will use independent agencies to measure our performance against the highest standards.

    Governance for good


    We will actively promote mission led governance by continuing our B Corp journey through to achieving certification


    We will lead change transparently by making 25 of our policies publicly available on our website for open comment.


    We will measure more of what matters by creating a quarterly view of the 25 most important sustainable governance metrics.

We’re committed to achieving net-zero emissions as soon as practically possible by 2030.

Our mission

Establishing Kerv as a beacon of sustainability

How do you create a business which is a genuine force for good? How do you make sure the way we approach this supersedes any individual? That ambition can accelerate independently of leadership?

Quote from Francis

The objective here is clear: to have a positive impact on all the Sustainable Development Goals. To create an environment where purposeful, meaningful experiences happen every day. To become a destination employer. To be an organisation full of people, proud of their work, through the impact it has.

This is how we will create a business that is a genuine force for good.
Francis Thomas
Chief Sustainability Officer
View his LinkedIn

Gender Pay Gap Statement 2023

Everyone at Kerv has the freedom and power to add to the conversation. To have a voice on what you think is the right thing, with open discussions along the way, is helping us to grow in the right direction.

Rachel Verguson
Operations Team Leader

I want Kerv to have a genuine impact on wider society. I don’t just mean the direct communities where we have operations, I want to find a way to benefit a broad range of people who are in tougher situations than we are.

Alastair Mills
Founder & Executive Chairman

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