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Our Partners – Citrix

A Trusted Citrix Service Provider & Advisor


Make hybrid work actually work with Citrix and Kerv.

Citrix is a digital workspace platform that gives employees everything they need to be productive in one unified experience while arming IT teams with the visibility, simplicity, and security needed to enable and manage it all. 

As a proud, longstanding Citrix partner, Kerv are one of only 24 managed partners in the UK, and only one of 4 partners across Europe who sit directly on the Citrix European Advisory Board. 

When it comes to Citrix, we know what we’re doing.

Trusted by Citrix. Trusted by you.

Kerv Difference

Expert support. Optimised packages.

Accredited expertise
We’re a gold Citrix Solution Advisor and Citrix Service Provider, on top of being a gold Microsoft Cloud partner. Our experience delivering some of the UK’s largest installations and complex cloud solutions means we’ll create the perfect digital workspace to support your staff. 

Best brands combined
Your needs are unique. We’ve got the skills to create a powerful solution that combines Citrix Workspace with Microsoft 365 and Azure Windows Desktops. 

Support on all levels
Kerv can provide all the planning, migration, management, and ongoing technical support for all Citrix digital workplace solutions. Or alternatively, can simply recommend a strategy to move your business into the cloud. Whatever you need, Kerv can support. 


of employees want a hybrid work model.


of employees touch 10-20 different communication and collaboration tools each day.


of employees want a single destination to understand and manage work.


of employees say they don’t have that kind of solution in place.

Our Certifications

Citrix Solutions Advisor & Gold Citrix Solutions Provider 

  • Citrix Certified Expert – Virtualisation 
  • Citrix Certified Administrator – NetScaler 9 
  • Citrix Certified Administrator – XenApp 6 
  • Citrix Certified Administrator – XenDesktop 5 
  • Citrix Certified Administrator – XenServer 6  

Kerv are one of 24 UK managed partners, and one of 4 partners across Europe who sit on the Citrix Advisory Board.

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Got a question about Citrix and Kerv?

We know what we’re talking about.

Citrix offers a range of solutions for application and desktop virtualisation, networking, and cloud services. It allows users to access applications, desktops, and data securely from any device and location, enabling flexible work environments.

Citrix offers enhanced remote access, improved security, centralised management of applications, increased workforce flexibility, and streamlined IT operations.

Citrix provides a range of products including Citrix Workspace, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Endpoint Management, and more. Speak to Kerv about how which Citrix products can resolve your IT and wider business challenges. We’ll happily work with you to recommend products that suit your organisation and resolve any key IT challenges.

Citrix enables employees to securely access their work resources from personal devices, fostering remote work and BYOD initiatives while maintaining data security.

Virtualisation involves creating a virtual version of a resource, like an operating system or server. Citrix specialises in virtualising applications and desktops, allowing them to be accessed remotely.

A virtual desktop is a desktop environment that’s hosted on a remote server and delivered to a user’s device. Citrix provides virtual desktops, enhancing remote access and management

Citrix offers multi-layered security, including secure remote access, data encryption, network security, and identity management, ensuring data and applications are protected from various threats.

Citrix Workspace facilitates collaboration by offering a unified platform where users can access their apps, files, and communication tools, fostering seamless teamwork regardless of location.

Citrix caters to both small businesses and large enterprises, offering scalable solutions that can be tailored to the size and needs of the organisation.

Citrix helps organisations migrate to the cloud and manage hybrid cloud environments by providing tools to securely deliver applications and desktops from cloud platforms.

Kerv, a managed Citrix partner who sits on the European Advisory Board, helps all organisations implement Citrix, manage their virtual desktops, and often provide specialist Citrix technical support to enterprise businesses.

Yes you can, Citrix cloud can still be leveraged with your existing on-premise environment, reducing the requirement for complex management and infrastructure services while adding loads of new features on an ever green platform.

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