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Digital experience monitoring is the process of observing, understanding and optimising the operational experience of a user. At Kerv Connect we shine a light on every step of the journey your users go through, assessing each stage to identify efficiencies and performance improvements to deliver quantifiable improvements in end user experience.


Our holistic approach takes into consideration every aspect of your network infrastructure to understand the root causes of application performance issues and develop a structured roadmap for remediation. With real-time visibility of your users’ activities, our networking experts can rapidly identify the cause of slow performance and outages, implementing resolutions that get your team back to work faster.


With our observability services this can extend beyond the network, providing insight into SaaS or cloud applications, offering a single view to monitor your application estate and your end user experience.

The Kerv Difference

Leave no stone unturned and maximise your businesses performance

Specialist skills


More bandwidth or new/upgraded hardware is rarely the solution. Our networking experts cut through the noise to help you identify the key drivers of performance, for a right-sized environment that delivers an exceptional experience for your users.


Holistic view


Digital experience monitoring considers every part of your infrastructure, monitoring performance trends, for your entire business, getting to the root cause of slow or non-responding applications.


SLA’s that really count


What gets measured gets managed, and we measure what matters most to your team. By targeting end-user experience metrics we ensure that our SLA’s translate to real day-to-day performance for you and your business.

Features that evolve with your needs

Real-time insights

We leverage cutting-edge tools to build an end-to-end view of your users’ journey, giving us a real-time overview of their experience wherever they’re working.

User-centric view

A network doesn’t have to be broken to be underperforming. By measuring what your users see we can ensure the best experience for them, whatever your technology.

Fast issue resolution

A holistic view of your network makes it easy to identify the underlying issues that cause poor performance, for faster resolutions and minimised downtime.

Real business impact

Digital experience monitoring gives us a view of the metrics that translate directly to your team’s happiness, productivity, and performance, so our optimisations drive measurable impact.

Roadmap to success

With a clear understanding of your user journey, digital experience monitoring makes it easy to prioritise the improvements that will deliver the biggest impact on your users.

Layered approach

Digital experience monitoring may start with the network, but our services enable additional layers to be added giving a full picture of end user device identity and health as well as application or cloud performance. By enriching technical metrics with user quality scores, we can correlate user impact back to a network or application event.


Digital experience monitoring monitors performance in your local network, data centre and applications, but crucially also on your end user’s device. This allows us to identify performance issues your users are experiencing that might not be visible via other monitoring methods.

Digital experience monitoring is a powerful tool for diagnosing network performance issues, helping to resolve problems faster and improve end user experience.

By continuously monitoring network performance, powerful AI-driven tools can detect the signs of a problem early, investigate, and put remedial measures in place before a user even becomes aware of an issue.

Kerv Connect’s networking experts possess specialist skills to identify the key drivers of performance. By focusing on end-user experience metrics, we ensure that our service level agreements (SLAs) translate into real day-to-day performance improvements for your team and business.

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