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VoxivoCX providers. Cloud-Powered Contact Centre.

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Run like clockwork

Want to make it easier for your contact centre teams to deliver excellent customer service every time? VoxivoCX uses cloud tech to make it happen. Designed for amazingly fast agent adoption and great value, this cloud contact centre enhancement to Voxivo has all the features you need to boost efficiency. Work smarter and smoother with its agent portal, supervisor tools, performance reporting and leading CRM systems integration.

Agile agents. Charmed customers. VoxivoCX Benefits.

Improve first contact resolution

Customers don’t have time to waste. Skills-based routing ensures they speak to the right agent first time. When problems are resolved at first contact, everyone’s happy.

Enhance agent performance

Sometimes agents need a helping hand. Tools like recording, monitor, whisper and barge let supervisors support skilfully.

Drive efficiency

Every day’s a school day in a contact centre. Analytics insights ensure every efficiency lesson is learned – with live performance monitoring, multiple dashboards and powerful reporting.

Integrate resources

VoxivoCX integrates seamlessly with your Voxivo cloud phone system – cue timely call transfers and expert conferencing. When your contact centre is fully backed by all your business resources, you deliver new levels of customer service.

Manage risk

Monitor compliance and manage risk with speech analytics. Features like rapid voicemail to text transcription let you dig deeper into every conversation, word for word.

Futureproof business

Expand your offer and extend your reach with custom application developments. VoxivoCX is easily enhanced with new features that help you stay ahead.

The Kerv Difference

At Kerv we live and breathe CX, together with our customers we are constantly evolving our CX porfolio.

VoxivoCX Creators – We made it for you

We built VoxivoCX, so we care about making it work brilliantly for your business. No one supports you better than our experts.


Easy optimization

VoxivoCX evolves to meet your changing business needs. Because it’s our tech, we can accommodate your future feature requests.


Rich experience

With over 20 years’ experience in diverse public and private sector environments, we know what it takes to make contact centres work like a dream.



Webinar on demand: How AI Can Drive Efficiency And Improve Customer Experience


Product Features

VoxivoCX features

CX Administrator & Agent Control

CX Supervisor Control

CX Call Routing

CX Reporting & Monitoring

User Portal Features

Call Management Features

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Got a question about VoxivoCX?

An intuitive, responsive design means homeworkers enjoy the same features and functionality at home as in a physical contact centre. Supervisor control means they’re constantly supported and monitored. 

Skill-based routing helps agents provide customer resolutions at first contact and analytics features exploit data to provide actionable insights.

Yes. Onboarding is fast and simple, and integration is smooth. Your customers will feel the benefit when your contact centre is closely connected with every other aspect of your business. 

As VoxivoCX providers, we’re always on hand to help you make the best of VoxivoCX by optimising with special features that tweak and tune your contact centre performance.


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