Optimised connectivity to all your applications with SD-WAN solutions

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Unlock the full potential of cloud technology with SD-WAN solutions

Embrace a new era of efficiency and performance across diverse industries. Elevate customer experience, implement agile and scalable infrastructure, seamlessly integrate multi-channel operations, leverage advanced analytics, and foster collaboration.


Our expertise lies in delivering tailored network flexibility to seamlessly support SD-WAN technology in various sectors. Our SD-WAN services and strategic guidance guarantees a seamless transition, empowering businesses to streamline operations, achieve substantial growth, and, crucially, foster enduring customer loyalty.


Our SD-WAN services and strategic guidance guarantees a bespoke solution to fit your requirements. Kerv are proud to partner with VMware by Broadcom, Juniper Networks and Silverpeak, ensuring our customers experience a seamless transition, empowering businesses to streamline operations, achieve substantial growth, and crucially, foster enduring customer loyalty.



Learn how Kerv’s Rapid-WAN accelerates high-speed connections with integrated network technologies- watch now!

The Kerv Approach

Unlock Business Success with Kerv Connect’s SD-WAN and Networking and Security Solutions

Comprehensive Networking and Security Excellence

Beyond the typical SD-WAN implementation, Kerv Connect’s expert team understands the distinct challenges faced by businesses in today’s world. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, whether you seek assistance in network and security design, implementation, optimisation, SD-WAN managed services, or ongoing maintenance, we have a tailored SD-WAN solution for you.


Our Rapid-WAN solution is agile by design, utilising multiple connectivity mediums delivering high-quality site connectivity. Rapid-WAN delivers connectivity to site quickly and securely in remote and hard to reach locations.

Strategic Vendor Collaborations for Optimal Performance

Recognising the diversity of challenges amongst businesses and industries, we have established robust relationships with key vendors in the SD-WAN and SASE market. This dedication ensures consistent delivery of customised SD-WAN solutions, allowing us to provide the right solution for our customers every time.

At a Glance

Our record for getting a new site up and running for our customer with Rapid-WAN.


From Bogner to Bangalore, Manchester to Manila – even those hard-to-reach locations can have a Kerv Connect network!

40+ Countries

We are delivering SD-WAN and networking solutions to support businesses across the globe.


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Connectivity without compromise

Cost Effective

SD-WAN is not only commercially cost effective but also allows businesses to benefit from operational and technical efficiencies with dynamic routing, real-time analytics and visibility into the network.

Flexible Network

SD-WAN offers greater flexibility by allowing organisations to use a variety of network connections, including broadband, low earth orbit satellite, and 4G/5G to build a secure and reliable network.


Centralised management, orchestration and automation features allow for quick adjustments to the network to accommodate changes and/or expansions in a simple and controlled manner. Empowering businesses to scale, when they need, like never before.

Optimised Application Performance

SD-WAN solutions have application-aware routing and optimisation features ensuring that critical business applications are prioritised and receive the necessary bandwidth and quality of service.


SD-WAN enhances network reliability by using the most optimal path to dynamically route traffic taking into account current network conditions across multiple mediums. In addition providing failover capabilities and utilisation of multiple connections simultaneously which reduces the risk of any down-time.

Cloud Connectivity

SD-WAN is key for organisations adopting cloud services. It provides direct and secure connectivity to cloud applications, reducing latency and improving user experience.


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