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Mobile Network Services

Get the best benefits from any carrier.

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Network flexibility & security

Finding a single mobile network that meets all your business needs is tough. Especially if you want flexible services or contracts, or have requirements for machine-to-machine / IoT devices that need international coverage. We can build you a bespoke secure mobile network package that combines the best bits of different carriers. With crystal-clear billing and extras like FCA compliant call recording and device management. Fully managed, optimised and flexible.


Carrier-independence. Customised mobile network service.

Carrier independence
True network independence shouldn’t feel like a luxury. It enables the tailored mobile solutions your agile business needs.


Contract Flexibility
Flexible contracts are our forte. Including 30-day, 12-month or any duration that suits you best.


Customer support
Your service desk is small, specialist and UK-based. You’ll talk to the right person quickly whenever you need support.

Clear billing. Bespoke bundles. Your benefits.


Your freedom of choice doesn’t stop at choosing the best secure mobile network. You can also fine-tune your service by mixing different carriers on one bill.

Billing & cost optimisation

With bill analysis and cost-optimisation by our mobile experts, you’ll reduce errors, cut costs and rationalise services to make sure you’re always getting the best value package possible.


When you’re managing a large fleet of mobile devices, ensuring compliance is crucial. When you want to stay above board with call or WhatsApp recording, or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

Device choice

Every team member can choose the best device for the job from our massive range of handsets. You’ll also benefit from components like multinet SIMs for critical applications.

Mobile device management (MDM)

Our cloud-based MDM platform integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and enables you to easily configure and control of all your mobile devices from a single screen.

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Got a question about mobile network services?

We purchase services in bulk from the major carriers, allowing us to negotiate better commercials, leverage system integration and direct access to our support team to make your life easier.

A managed service saves time, hassle and money. Our specialists design your ideal package, then monitor cost, billing and compliance. 

It means that you’re not tied to one network, but instead get a package that combines the best components of several carriers. A managed network service offering complete carrier independence is rare. When it’s combined with the expertise and experience of Kerv, it’s unique. 

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