CX Vizz

Realtime out of the box dashboards and data integration

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Powerful out of the box dashboards. Flexible customization.

SQL Access & Out of the box dashboards for Genesys Cloud, Amazon Connect, Zendesk, InContact Nice WFM, Salesforce and Cherwell.


Using well known BI tools and industry standard products like Grafana and PowerBI, CX Vizz allows the user to leverage their existing skillsets without having to learn a new platform.


Included in out of the box dashboards are standard call centre, sales and helpdesk KPIS which can be viewed over time, and monitored intraday in real time by agent or queue.

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CX Vizz gives you tangible business results

Save money

CX Vizz uses industry standard docker architecture, enabling hosting on premise, and all major cloud providers such as AWS & Azure. Future upgrades are made easy with docker updates allowing a very low administration maintenance.

Deliver better customer service

Get the best of both worlds, with historical metrics and raw data along with real time data which is stored in either a real-time database table or a message bus like Apache Kafka.

Reliable, secure and compliant

CX Vizz includes a dynamic schema update mechanism which automatically updates the database schema when new entities and attributes in the incoming API data is detected. This eliminates unnecessary database maintenance and consulting over time.


Flexible service. Simple management. Maximise productivity.

Rapid Deployment

With cloud formation templates the solution can be deployed quickly in your own cloud environment (AWS/AZure/Oracle/Google). Or hosted as a service by CX Vizz.


No Coding Required

CX Vizz takes all the pain of connecting to complicated APIs and enables the data to be selected from standard database tables, connecting through to the dashboards seamlessly in real time.


Dedicated Support

CX Vizz fully supports all the integrations. Should the API’s change over time, new updates will automatically be released.


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