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Our Partners – Juniper Networks

Delivering Advanced AI Connections with Juniper Networks


Take your network solutions to the next level with Juniper and Kerv.  

Juniper Networks is a global leader in Cloud and Edge networking equipment, connected security solutions and AI driven networking solutions, powered by Mist AI, dedicated to driving superior experience for end-users by simplifying customer network operations. 

Kerv Connect are proud to partner with Juniper on extending the advantages of Software defined networking (SD-WAN) into the Local Areas Network (LAN). Focussing on faster deployment, visibility of performance and enforcement of business centric policies.  

By partnering with Juniper and utilising the AI capabilities of Mist, we can provide next-level proactive support by deploying a user-experience centric approach to reduce time to resolution and prevent negative user impact.

Kerv Experience is a Juniper Networks partner

How we address customer challenges

Network Complexity

Kerv Connect’s professional services, alongside Mist AI automates tasks, optimises performance, and reduces manual configuration errors – making deploying thousands of sites simple by reducing time and risk of migration.


This cloud-native architecture allows flexible scaling when required. Organisations can seamlessly expand their network without compromising performance


The use of open network standards ensures compatibility with existing infrastructure. It promotes vendor neutrality and efficient resource utilisation. 

Built for the future

Features like unsupervised machine learning and proactive support optimise network performance ensure that businesses get ahead and stay there. 

Application & User centric

Juniper Mist networking monitors the user experience; this includes integrating third party user centric metrics such as Microsoft Teams call performance and optimising itself to keep users working productively.

See Juniper Mist AI in Action

The Kerv Difference

Tailored networks

We understand the process of designing performant networks. We tailor the solution to each customer’s requirements and objectives; an office and a warehouse need very different Wi-Fi designs!  

Depth of network infrastructure knowledge

We leverage our knowledge in systematic network configuration, utilising our experienced project management teams to manage the risks involved in changing infrastructure.  

Delivering end-to-end connectivity

Faster and more seamless implementation and adoption process, reducing our customers downtime, allowing them to maintain productivity whilst continuing to generate ROI without disruption. 

Tech for Good and Customer First

Kerv’s Customer Success team is always on hand to support the in-life management of the network and answer any questions that you have. 

Juniper Networks Solution

Mist AI is the engine behind the Gartner, leading SD-WAN & SD-Branch solutions that deliver industry-leading insight, automation, security using AI to deliver real business results. By optimising application experiences, organisations can save time and money by enabling their users to better align with key business objectives.   

Juniper Mist AI uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science techniques to optimise user experiences and simplify wired and wireless LAN operations via a cloud-based portal. 


FAQ’s on the Kerv & Juniper Networks AI offering

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Mist AI provides industry-leading insight, automation, and security in SD-WAN & SD-Branch solutions. It optimises application experiences, saves time and money, and aligns users with key business objectives by leveraging AI to deliver real business results. 

Juniper and Kerv Connect offers AI-driven, Experience-First networking that enhances customer and employee experiences while simplifying IT operations. 

Juniper cloud-ready data centre networking solutions, for example, allow onsite and collocated facilities to centralise their IT processes and to store and process the large amounts of operational data necessary to drive efficiencies. 

Moreover, Juniper’s portfolio of Indoor Location Services empowers retailers to track valuable assets and boost customer engagement with personalised messaging, navigation assistance and real-time inventory status where relevant. 

Common challenges include network complexity, scalability issues, interoperability concerns, and future-proofing network infrastructure. 

Kerv Connect, in partnership with Juniper, addresses these challenges by offering professional services, Mist AI automation, cloud-native architecture for scalability, open network standards for interoperability, and features like unsupervised machine learning for future readiness. 

Kerv will complete a full audit to confirm what you are currently paying for all the solutions to centrally manage your Wireless Network and we are confident that by working with us to implement Mist, you will see a significant reduction in both CAPEX and OPEX costs through AI and Automation. 

While you likely have a set IT budget which you can work within, the number of devices connecting to your network will inevitably continue to increase requiring you to leverage advanced AI capabilities to monitor and manage this. This subsequent frees up staff time, allowing your team to focus on strategic projects. 

Kerv ensures that customers have full control of their Access Points, as well as management of their Access Points. Data and payload stay always on-prem. 

Only encrypted headers (metadata) are sent to the cloud.  MAC address are obfuscated Mist backend servers are hosted in a highly secure SOC-2 TYPE-2 environment. 

This fully adaptable solution will benefit organisations of all sizes as its fully scalable from small business to large enterprise organisations. 

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