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Instant Message Compliance Recording to Meet Regulatory Record-Keeping Requirements.

Apple’s iMessage application is one of the most widely used chat communication platforms, primarily because it’s integrated with iOS, pre-installed on every iPhone. For banks, brokers, investment managers and other regulated entities, this presents a challenge. In the US alone, regulators have handed out over $2.6bn in fines since the start of 2021 for record-keeping breaches relating to messaging apps. And regulators across the rest of the world, including the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, are taking notice, issuing stern warnings to firms. But how do you allow employees to use iMessage in a way that’s compliant with regulatory record-keeping and monitoring requirements under the FCA, SEC, CFTC, FINRA, MiFID II etc, with all communications securely recorded and archived?


Flexible service. Simple management. Maximise productivity.

Compliance with record-keeping and monitoring regulations. 

Our instant message recording solution is an automatic, robust, and compliant approach to archiving iMessage conversations. Kerv Collaboration & Compliance can implement a platform that is transparent to the user, capturing all conversations in the background.


A unified and future-proof instant message recording solution for multiple collaboration tools.

Employees can continue to use the native iMessage application on their device, or use “Governed Mode” where a dedicated corporate app (such as Microsoft Teams) acts as a central hub, capturing not only iMessage but also other messaging applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal, Telegram and LINE through official business APIs.


IT and Compliance departments can concentrate on their day job, knowing they are adhering to regulations.

Advanced controls and governance features can notify administrators when policies are breached, providing data leakage prevention and detecting viruses/malware in shared files


A global solution for the capture of SMS as well as iMessage.

The platform also records SMS messages that are sent and received via iMessage when iPhone users are communicating with Android users. This provides a truly global solution, imperative to firms with international offices, giving them the peace of mind that all messages, whether SMS or iMessage are captured as they pass through Apple’s infrastructure.

A Global Solution for SMS Recording

Captures SMS for Android users as well as iMessage

Enhanced Customer Relationships

Both clients and employees now rely heavily on their mobile devices to communicate – often more so than desktop computers.

Shared Content Remains Secure

The quick and informal exchange of information and sensitive data among employees, clients, and partners demands a dependable and secure platform to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the shared content

Allows Quick Access to Data

Conversations must be archived and easily accessible to comply with the strict regulations of the financial services sector and to avoid potential penalties.

Removes Risk and Workload

Whilst IT departments can attempt to manage this in-house, the options available can be labour-intensive and manual, which can subsequently lead to mistakes.

No Ambiguity

Removes the onus being on employees to use their own judgment and personal Apple accounts, neither of which is practical or safe.


Frequently Asked Questions About Compliant iMessage Recording

Under FCA regulations, and others including MiFID II, FINRA, CFTC and more, recording of all in-scope communications is mandatory, regardless of the medium being used to communicate. If your employees are using iMessage for in-scope communications with clients, partners or colleagues, you need to either find a way to stop this or find a way to record and monitor these chats.

iMessage is a hugely popular means of communication. Putting policies in place to stop employees using it can have a significant impact on productivity, particularly if it’s the medium your clients prefer to use when dealing with your staff. Putting policies in place to stop employees from using iMessage in this way can be counterproductive and are often ineffective, as the numerous fines currently being issued by the regulators have highlighted.

In the platform’s Governed Mode, instead of using the native iMessage or SMS app, a separate dedicated app such as Teams acts as the user interface. This app is connected to Apple’s infrastructure, allowing your employees to communicate over iMessage even if they are using Android devices.

Yes, the solution captures any communications passing through Apple’s environment. Since it is not dependent on any local or regional mobile carriers, this allows us to record any messages sent to or from iMessage regardless of where users are based. iMessages sent from iPhone users to Android users, and vice versa, are converted to SMS. Since these all pass through Apple’s infrastructure, we can capture them no matter where the user is based.

By recording iMessage using the native iMessage application on the user’s device, this removes any user choice – all messages will be recorded. For data privacy reasons, this approach must typically only be used where employees are given company-issued phones to be used for work.

Apple’s iMessage app is one of the most widely used chat communication platforms in the world, primarily owing to its integration with iOS, which comes pre-installed on every iPhone. For any regulated firms whose clients want to communicate with them via iMessage, these communications need to be monitored for compliance purposes.

We can either provide our own award-winning archiving and monitoring platform, Compliance Cloud, to send your recorded iMessage data to or send the recordings to your existing enterprise archive, and/or surveillance platform.

Yes, we can capture most popular consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Signal, Telegram and LINE, as well as mobile voice, SMS and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex. We can also capture financial messaging services such as Bloomberg Chat, Eikon and ICE Chat.

Our compliance recording solutions are designed for any regulated organisations that need to record their communications. This includes financial firms, commodity trading houses, legal practices, healthcare organisations and government bodies among others.


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