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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

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The cloud is more than just servers and storage.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides a wealth of options to accelerate your digital transformation. Cloud platform services give you instant access to enterprise grade solutions in an agile and cost-effective way. The traditional world of IT has changed for ever. With the move to the cloud, we need to change the way we approach infrastructure. PaaS solutions means technology teams can spend less time worrying about servers and more time delivering valuable business outcomes. PaaS democratises technology – making the latest developments available for all. Organisations of any size can now get access to AI, Machine Learning, data visualisation and other services which would have previously been beyond their reach.

At Kerv, our consultants will always take a platform-first approach to your cloud transformation


We bring you the best services in the world today through our partnershipswith the leading PaaS providers globally –Microsoft & AWS

Identity and security

Platform—as-a-Service enables you to protect your data and access to your systems with more granularity than ever –ensuring only the right people with the right identity can access the information they need.

Cost optimisation services

PaaS services are costs effective by nature as you are not managing multiple components.

Speed to market

Start delivering results faster with PaaS services –there’s no need to build infrastructure configure clusters or integrate services –PaaS enables you access your systems, visualise your data or build apps and workflows straight away.

Simplified architecture

Keep pressure of your valuable IT resources as PaaS Services reduce the requirement for the configuration and management of multiple servers and services.

Integration everywhere

The breadth of PaaS offers make it easily accessible, you can extend the benefits way beyond IT–enabling you to connect systems and deliver benefits right across your organisation.

The Kerv Difference

As PaaS providers our approach to cloud transformation is not simply taking what you have and moving it the cloud. We’ll take the time to understand your real requirements –and whenever possible providing a Platform-based solution – reducing complexity and taking out cost.

Platform First Approach

At Kerv we take a PaaS first approach to any cloud transformation. We believe PaaS is the future of computing and our consultants will always opt for PaaS over lift and shift.


Detailed Evaluation

As part of our cloud readiness process, our consultants will evaluate your databases, applications and infrastructure and will provide you with options and potential solutions on where PaaS can be used most effectively.


Inherently Secure and Integrated

We will ensure your PaaS deployment is designed from the ground up to be inherently secure – with data and APIs protected. We also have the skills to help you reap the benefits of the platform approach –combing data and services from across the platform ecosystem.

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