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Microsoft Catalyst is a proven programme of workshops and analysis designed to help organisations plan and execute a digital transformation strategy with measurable, deliverable outcomes. Using an industry standard methodology, language and workshops that are designed to bring together Senior Business Decision Makers and technical staff to collaborate and agree a programme that is technically feasible, desired by end users and in line with budgetary expectations. This is done using a user engagement-led framework known as I.D.E.A: Inspire, Design, Empower, Achieve.

Blueprint for Microsoft Catalyst

Measurable outcomes that give dependable results.

Welcome & envisioning workshop

Introduce every stakeholder to the programme, and agree the outputs and objectives. Take feedback from across the organisation about pain points, inefficiencies, and challenges. Use this to then agree measurable improvements and potential deliverable technology.

Features and Processes

Use design thinking to define what the deliverable technology would need to do, how it would need to work and what user personas would interact with each solution

User journeys

Understand, empathise and map out each persona, and the impact this technology would make on their quality of life, and on the measurable KPIs

Solution design

Understand the feasibility of the solution by performing a high level ‘as-is’ analysis of technology with the organisation. Understand current license requirements

Data mapping

Low level mapping of integrations required for the solution, and begin to scope the phasing of delivering the technology

User journey playback

Gather feedback from stakeholders on wireframe and prototypes of the solution

Business case building

Agree the business impact of the solution, and write up the KPIs to be compelling for an organisational investment

Roadmap discussion

Agree a realistic plan to potentially implement the solution, with options for different suppliers, budgets and internal resources

The Kerv Blueprint for Microsoft Catalyst
We can help you build a clear and actionable roadmap to transformation. Here’s what your programme could look like.

Why implement the Microsoft Catalyst programme

Gain Perspective

Transforms your approach to problem solving, allowing you to determine the root cause

Establish new ways of working

Increases collaborative brainstorming, user adoption and prototype design

Bring teams together

Helps you build deeper relationships across departments

Get the full picture

Reduces risk for new ideas and project changes

Focus on ROI

Ensures the any transformation meets the objectives and client requirements

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