Data Centre Networking

Servicing mission critical data & applications

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Stability at the centre of your business

The Data Centre is still a critical consideration for most organisations, even though there continues to be a transition to the public cloud the concepts and considerations of data centre networking remain consistent in a hybrid world.


The ability to reliably access, scale and secure mission critical applications is fundamentally reliant on a stable network platform.

Kerv Difference

Eat. Sleep. Network. Repeat.


Our data centre networking solutions ensure your Data Centre has the appropriate network performance and capacity to support your mission critical data and applications.



Providing the ability to scale both up and down, in an efficient manner, based on prevailing business requirements.



Making sure your data centre network is secure is critical to give our clients the peace of mind to carry out their day-to-day operations in confidence.

Modernise your data centre networking platform


Not all applications are appropriate for the public cloud and it is essential that our customers retain enough network capacity in the data centre to service mission critical applications.


The data centre network should match or exceed customer requirements and provide the balance between being prepared for growth and over engineering the environment.


Removing inefficiency from the Data Centre network is critical for effective operation. Inefficient architectures that are misaligned to application traffic flows can cause poor application performance with meaningful impacts to critical business processes.


Legacy Data Centre networks can easily become environments that are extremely complex and difficult to operate effectively. Requirements for specialist skill sets and technology silos are expensive to maintain and should be engineered out of the Data Centre wherever possible.


Security of the Data Centre is critical in an environment where data and applications can be accessed from anywhere. The network is the enforcement point for data in transit and organisations require a strategy that provides a layered defence for both inbound and outbound services.


The Data Centre is no longer constrained by hardware appliances alone. Software Defined Networking abstracts network services away from the underlying physical infrastructure to provide a level of scalability that has previously not been possible.

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