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Achieve Absolute Confidence in Business Communications with Compliance Cloud

Compliance Cloud by Kerv is our award-winning solution that is changing the landscape of business communications and compliance. Envision a business environment where every essential communication, be it Mobile, Microsoft Teams, or WhatsApp and more, is securely documented, preserved, and retrievable when needed.


With our Compliance Cloud solutions, you gain the confidence to focus on your core operations, knowing you are fully in line with all pertinent regulations. Built upon the trusted ITIL V4 framework, Compliance Cloud is more than a product; it’s a transformative solution for business communications, ensuring peace of mind for board members, compliance managers, and IT leaders.


Compliance Cloud in a Nutshell

Regulatory frameworks are always evolving, and the cost of non-compliance can be astronomical, both financially and reputationally. Learn how Compliance Cloud can help!

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What Compliance Cloud can do

Powerful Features for Seamless Regulatory Compliance

""User-Friendly Recording Playback

Revisit essential conversations effortlessly with our intuitive playback interface. Quickly navigate through recordings to review and assess your communications effectively – a useful feature for monitoring CX and staff performance.

""Secure Access Control & Encrypted Portal

Our encrypted portal, combined with strict access control, ensures maximum data protection. We adhere to industry standards like GDPR, MiFID II, and Dodd-Frank, with mandatory use of Azure Active Directory Sync.

""99.999% Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Compliance Cloud is backed by a multi-layered redundant system architecture. With 24/7/365 global support and a robust infrastructure designed for peak loads, we reflect our unwavering commitment to service excellence.

""Encrypted Recording Storage

We employ cutting-edge encryption technologies to securely store your recordings, so they are instantly accessible. This guarantees protection against unauthorised access and ensures regulatory compliance.

""Automated Always-On Voice Recording

An advanced voice recording solution that operates continuously, capturing all crucial voice communications. This automated system eliminates manual activation, ensuring consistent compliance while mitigating human errors. See how it all works in 2 mins!

""Call Detail Record (CDR) Assurance

Our CDR Assurance ensures the accuracy and integrity of call detail records, pivotal for revenue management and fraud detection. This provides control over call data, preventing revenue leakage and bolstering customer trust. Watch this video to learn more about CDR!

""Capture and Store Data Securely

Beyond voice, Cloud Compliance captures video, instant messages, and on-screen content. Document key visual details from meetings, written communications, and digital interactions, supporting compliance and performance enhancement. See it all in action!

See the full potential of Compliance Cloud!

Social & IM Compliance Recording

Cater to customer demand while staying compliant.

UC & Mobile Compliance Recording

FCA & MiFID II compliant fixed line and mobile recording.


Collaborative. Innovative. Productive.


In-depth Understanding of Compliance Cloud Challenges
Kerv brings a deep understanding of the financial industry and its regulatory necessities. We understand these compliance challenges and have devised strategies to address them efficiently.


Cutting-edge Technology
Compliance Cloud solution is designed to fluently record, store, and analyse communications across various channels, whether a brief message exchange on Microsoft Teams, a phone call in a contact centre, or a mobile voice recording.


Comprehensive Assurance and Managed Services
Kerv offers more than just a tool; we provide comprehensive assurance and managed services, ensuring our customers not only possess the technology they need but also receive the support and expertise necessary to use it effectively.


Proactive Approach
We anticipate and tackle problems proactively. Our Compliance Cloud solution can detect potential issues before they escalate, reducing the risk of non-compliance and system failures.

Take your first step towards a simplified compliance Cloud journey.

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