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Embrace the power of AI to cut wait times and increase your service hours

We increasingly turn to digital technology to get the answers we need and the service we want. We’re consumers 24/7, 365 days a year, and we’re impatient. We want service on our terms. AI powered chatbots can provide significant service at all times of day and night – answering questions, completing transactions and triaging more complex requests.

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How AI Can Drive Efficiency And Improve Customer Experience

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The Kerv Difference

AI driven chatbot solutions that enhance your existing channels – and exemplify your brand.

Chat as part of channel choice

Our population is increasingly sophisticated – increasingly digitally native. Chat is the natural channel for many – building on the interactions we have in our personal and professional lives. Using AI to augment and assist in delivering chat as a channel in your contact centre helps you deliver consistent service and extend your operating hours.


The power of the cloud, enhanced by your data

The cloud delivers the scale and technology you need for AI – but the service you offer will be unique to you. We’ll reflect your brand in the service we build with you, and focus on handling the most appropriate interactions.


AI to enhance, not replace, your brand

A chat and chatbot implementation must be an integral part of your culture and your voice – enabling your customers to seamlessly transition between the AI driven chat and live interactions on any channel.

Chatbot solutions with the human touch

Make your service available, 24/7

AI-powered chatbots enable you to wrap support around your digital presence 24 hours a day, even days a week – handling many of your most frequent Interaction types and helping your customers to help themselves.

Remove the frustration of “press 1 for this”

The use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to quickly determine a customer’s need can significantly accelerate the route to resolution – even If the Issue Is ultimately resolved by a human.

Expand your markets

Chatbots can be built to function In multiple languages, enabling you to extend your service reach Into new territories and support your customers In their native tongue.

Continuous Improvement

A combination of the Machine Learning (ML) technology, and analysis of the types of Interactions your customers are having with the bots enables you to continuously tune the experience over time – helping your customers get answers quicker.

Actionable Insights

Analysis of the chat sessions will help to Improve your digital presence, both web and mobile; understand how to Improve your products and services and provide Invaluable Insights Into your customers.

Consistency and accuracy

AI chatbots provide a consistent persona from your brand, and can a huge range of subject matter – delivering high quality, accurate answers and solutions time after time.

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