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Network as a Service

Connecting users to applications and cloud services to foster innovation

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Redefine your network to support your long-term strategy

Discover software-defined networking services that securely connect users to applications and cloud services, making the network the enabler of innovation and putting user experience, application performance, security and compliance at the heart of every network.


In a world where users need to work anywhere and applications are hosted across multiple SaaS platforms and clouds, the network becomes the key enabler to protect corporate data and reputation and ensure an exceptional user experience.


Let Kerv Connect manage every aspect of your network infrastructure including hardware, software, and vendors, for a simple, cost-effective solution that flexes to meet not just your network needs but your business requirements too.


Kerv Connect have been helping customers adopt software-defined LAN/WAN & Secure Service Edge, coupled with Zero Trust principles and end-to-end application observability, and we would love to help you too. Our expert management and monitoring solutions ensure that you never miss an upgrade, security threat or technical issue, while our ongoing consultancy supports development of your long-term strategy, tailored to the business’s vision and long-term objectives.

The Kerv Difference

Personalised and simplified – A Network that truly enhances your capabilities

Tailored to you


In cloud networking, one size definitely does not fit all. At Kerv Connect, our customer-first ethos means we take the time to understand your environment and objectives. This process doesn’t stop with service go-live, and our focal engineers become part of your extended team to make the recommendations that are right for your organisation.


Go beyond the SLA


No more waiting on an answer. With our customer-first approach and digital experience monitoring technologies, we are focused on delivering what matters most to your team – reliable performance, resilient connectivity and time to focus on driving business strategy and progression.


Deep expertise


Our cloud networking experts are adept at picking apart even the most complex networking requirements to develop robust, standardised processes that provide the foundations for your long-term success.

Features that evolve with your needs

Scalable and flexible

With a turnkey networking solution from Kerv Connect, you can quickly respond to changing business requirements and scale your environment to keep pace with growth.

Eliminate complexity

By bringing together services from Kerv Connect’s trusted technology tool kit, combined with project management and professional service expertise, you can transform your network infrastructure quickly while managing risk. With a streamlined all-in-one solution, you can take the stress out of managing multiple vendors and contracts, making innovation and cloud adoption a breeze and accelerating ROI.

User-centric networking

We measure what matters most to your team. Application experience monitoring lets us see how your users experience your network, so we can focus on improving their happiness, productivity, and performance.

Quantifiable business benefits

Our managed network as a service gives you the freedom to focus on the big picture. With performance metrics that reflect user experience, you can see performance issues as they happen, enabling a quicker resolution and keeping your business functioning. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, problems can be resolved before they even impact a user.

Rapid deployment

With a streamlined all-in-one networking solution, your organisation can respond quickly to new opportunities and reap the benefits of cloud technology sooner. With the right network foundation, your organisation can respond quickly to new opportunities, try new approaches and reap the benefits of advancing technology sooner.


Network as a service provides a complete turnkey networking solution, with full management of all the hardware and software you need as well as vendor management, service desk and ongoing strategic advice and support. With everything in one place, you’ll have access to all the technology and expertise you need to achieve your business objectives, without the need for large capital investments in network hardware.

Absolutely. Our networking solutions are designed with your current and future business requirements in mind, and we’ll work closely with you to anticipate changing needs and scale your environment to adapt to your business growth.

SD-WAN enables us to provide a reliable, consistent and cost-effective network connection across multiple sites, and is a central part of many Network as a Service deployments.

Software Defined Networking allows for the centralised management of network infrastructure through software, enabling greater flexibility and efficiency. Kerv Connect leverages Software Defined Networking to securely connect users to applications and cloud services, prioritising user experience, application performance, security, and compliance.

Kerv Connect prioritises security by implementing Zero Trust principles and end-to-end application observability. This approach helps protect corporate data and reputation while ensuring an exceptional user experience, even in environments where users work remotely and applications are hosted across multiple platforms and clouds.

Kerv’s extensive expertise and the ability to tailor the relevant networking, cloud and connectivity solutions together with our professional service expertise simplifies the process from the get-go. Kerv Connect eliminates complexity, streamlining the management of multiple vendors and contracts, freeing up our customers time and focus whilst accelerating ROI.

Aligning perfectly with Kerv’s ethos of Customer First, User-centric networking focuses on improving user happiness, productivity, and performance by measuring application experience. Kerv Connect prioritises this aspect, ensuring that network improvements align with what matters most to their clients’ teams.

Kerv Connect’s streamlined, all-in-one networking solutions enable rapid deployment, allowing organisations to leverage advanced technologies to get new premises, even those in remote locations, up and running quickly.

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