Microsoft Azure: Market Leading Technologies Available to All 

Microsoft Azure: Market Leading Technologies Available to All 

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Prior to the introduction of the cloud, enterprise-grade technologies were available only to bigger corporate businesses and organisations; those with much greater budgets and expertise. 

Nowadays, due to the pace at which cloud computing has developed, market-leading tech solutions are so much more accessible, and not to mention affordable. 

Cloud computing has not only enabled businesses to take advantage of productivity benefits through subscription-based solutions like Microsoft 365 for Business, but it has reduced the need for businesses to invest heavily in expensive on-premises infrastructure, which for some businesses is simply not an option. 

In this blog, we look at how Azure allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to access enterprise-grade solutions. 

Flex up and down as you need 

One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing solutions such as Azure is its elasticity. What this means for businesses is that they can scale up or down as they see fit. For example, if a business has seasonal peaks and needs to temporarily scale what it is doing for a short period of time, they can do. And when this requirement is no longer there, they can simply scale back without being left with expensive tech.  

With this model of consumption, businesses can test the water before committing fully, ensuring that a particular Azure solution is right for their specific needs. 

Transparent pricing 

With Azure, what you see is what you get. There are few things worse than being hit with hidden costs when you sign a contract. With Azure, the price you see is the price you pay, with no long contract lock-ins. If that isn’t enough, Azure also offers cost management tools to help businesses monitor and control their spending. 

Read our blog that talks through 13 ways to manage your costs in Microsoft Azure.

Comprehensive security 

With its industry-leading security measures and compliance standards, Azure’s comprehensive threat protection has never been more accessible. As standard, Azure complies with global and regional compliance standards, making it easier for small-to-medium sized businesses to meet legal requirements, with the likes of GDPR, HIPAA and ISO as standard. 

What’s more, Azure’s ease of labelling, classifying and protecting documents and emails reduces the risk of sensitive information being accessed by unauthorised personnel, internally or externally.  

With services such as Azure Defender for Identity and Defender for Cloud, businesses can access advanced threat detection.

An extensive solution range 

With Azure, businesses no longer have to juggle solutions across multiple vendors. Instead, they have one central place for every solution they need. Not only does this make it easier for businesses to find a solution for their needs, but it makes vendor management so much easier. 

Across the Azure range, businesses can take advantage of solutions to support with everyday requirements such as the safe automated backing up of data, site recovery protocols, and virtual desktop infrastructure, through to more sophisticated needs including developing and running Web3 applications, database management and quantum computing. 

Exceptional product support 

Having access to solutions is one thing, but being able to use them effectively is another. Microsoft prides itself on its range of support and learning resources, including documentation, tutorials and its popular community form, which each make it easier for businesses to find the information they need or troubleshoot. 

Ready to adopt Azure across your business? 

Take advantage of the benefits that Azure has to offer. Get in touch with our expert team to explore how the Azure solution range can help you to solve common business problems and drive growth. Alternatively, view our Azure Migration Services overview here.

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