VMware by Broadcom SD-WAN

Market leading technology built to support cloud adoption

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An architecture built for the future

Traditional private WANs are built for applications hosted in the data centre and accessed by users in corporate offices. This is not the world we live in anymore.


As organisations migrate their applications to the cloud a new network architecture is required. VMware by Broadcom SD-WAN was built to service this objective. With a global networks of cloud points of presence VMware by Broadcom SD-WAN optimises traffic flows for applications in the cloud and ensures a superior customer experience.

Kerv Difference

Connectivity choice. Assured application experience.

Direct path to the cloud

Enable direct and optimised paths to applications hosted in the cloud, whether IaaS or SaaS, via a global network of cloud gateways. Remove the inefficiency of backhauling traffic flows via the data centre.


Practical experience

Transitioning WANs is a significant undertaking. Kerv has the practical experience of helping deliver successful outcomes for multiple enterprise clients over several years.


Delivering value

VMware by Broadcom SD-WAN enables organisations to achieve connectivity outcomes that may have been previously out of their reach. Kerv works with each client to understand priorities and implement the operational model that best works for them.

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Modernise your data centre networking platform

Optimised connectivity

The engine of VMware by Broadcom SD-WAN is Dynamic multi-path optimisation (DMPO). This is the industry leading mechanism for link remediation and anomaly detection and represents a core pillar that has enabled VMware by Broadcom to be recognised as a consistent market leader since SD-WAN was conceptualised.

Brownout detection

In a world of distributed applications “degraded is the new down”. If a link is performing badly but hasn’t physically gone down, then it is still essential to take remedial action. This capability sorts the “wheat from the chaff” and VMware by Broadcom leads the pack in its ability to support a superior application experience.

Smart Defaults

VMware by Broadcom SD-WAN works out of the box with smart default policies pre-defined for most well-known applications (3000+). This further differentiates VMware by Broadcom SD-WAN with most other SD-WAN solutions requiring to build policies from scratch.

Ease of Deployment

VMware by Broadcom SD-WAN supports multiple methods of “Zero Touch / Minimal Touch” deployment. This reduces cost in deployment an minimises the time required to recognise value.

Cloud Gateways

VMware by Broadcom SD-WAN cloud gateways are an architectural differentiator. A global network of points of presence are available to optimise connectivity to the cloud and for the insertion of appropriate security services (SASE).

Integrated security

VMware by Broadcom SD-WAN appliances have integrated security capabilities and all traffic flows transverse secure tunnels irrespective of underlying connectivity medium. The cloud gateways now also host advanced security capabilities to be one of only a small handful of vendors to provide a full SASE architecture.

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