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Case Study

Project & Portfolio Consultancy: Unblocking Agile Delivery in the Third Sector




Nonprofit (Charity)

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Project, Programme & Delivery Consultancy


A UK-based charity teams up with Kerv Consult to increase the velocity of their agile teams

This case study reflects on our journey with a UK-based charity, a respected organisation dedicated to the service they provide across the country.


They have significantly improved the lives of 36,000 individuals through their work and aspire to create a future where every person in their area has the confidence and support they need to live their lives fully.


The charity set an ambitious goal: to increase its support base from 200,000 people in 2018 to 500,000 by 2024.

To achieve this, they launched several projects, the most significant of which focused on developing their ERP system to manage all operations.

The Application Development Team (ADT) had adopted agile methodologies but was still navigating the complexities of this approach. The slow velocity was impacting the timelines of their key project and their ability to meet its strategic goals. Recognising the need for expert guidance, they turned to Kerv Consult.

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We undertook a comprehensive assessment of both the agile methodologies in use and the relationship between the ADT, the projects, portfolio, and business.

This assessment was conducted by two part-time consultants, who focused on understanding the problem, identifying issues, and recommending solutions, while also achieving quick wins along the way. One consultant focused on the team and delivery, while the other examined the wider organisational context.

After agreeing on a way forward, we were provided with an interview schedule, reading materials on the ways of working, access to the system and tools used by the charity for delivery management, and invitations to various team ceremonies. This preparation allowed the team to hit the ground running. The recommendations included restructuring the team, simplifying the workflow, estimation and capacity modelling, removing unprioritised work from the backlog, and refining incident management and release management processes.

Additionally, we provided guidance on incorporating agile planning into their more linear project and portfolio planning activity, enabling more accurate scheduling and costing of projects.

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“The benefit from this extra spend has already been delivered; the fact that it also provides longer term sustainable benefit makes it a no brainer! This is going to be the best extra budget I have spent this year!”

Head of Applications Development Team

The first noticeable outcome was the transformation of the team from a defensive, disjointed unit to a re-energised, motivated, and collaborative group. Despite spending less time in meetings, the team’s effectiveness improved, saving as much as 40 hours a week in meetings, which increased output.

The most significant metric was a fourfold increase in velocity during the first month due to the changes implemented by us, even though the team was still involved in designing and implementing the changes during this time.

This case study is a reflection of our commitment to delivering value and transforming the way organisations work. We are honoured to have been a part of the charity’s journey towards achieving their ambitious goals. Our engagement with this charity demonstrates our ability to understand the unique challenges faced by our clients and to provide tailored solutions that drive real change.

We believe that our approach, which combines a deep understanding of agile methodologies with a commitment to collaboration and trust-building, can help organisations of all sizes and across all sectors to achieve their strategic goals. We look forward to continuing to support this charity and other organisations on their journey towards greater agility and effectiveness.

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