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Are you getting the most value out of your projects?

Do your projects drive successful change?

Many organisations spend millions on project, programmes and other initiatives, yet they don’t recognise they are managing a portfolio and resist applying even basic portfolio management practices. Because of this, they are failing to get the “biggest bang for their buck”, and their projects aren’t always aligned to business value drivers.

In many organisations, projects are started from an idea or an internal demand to get a project delivered. These generally arise from senior management, and quickly become pet projects that must be completed. But what is the real value of doing them? Are they aligned to the business strategy and objectives? Do you have the capability to deliver them, and are they affordable?

Have you ever experienced a situation where your organisation fixes the value, cost and delivery timeframe without any planning? And then Project Managers are expected to deliver within these arbitrary constraints. Is it any wonder that projects fail to deliver a return, go over budget and/or fail to deliver on time?

Talk to us to see how you can manage and deliver your projects to get a better outcome.

Assess your own project priorities with your free copy of our tools!

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The tool can be adapted to your organisation’s needs, and if you need help, we provide a short 2-day assessment to tailor this to your organisation.

We have developed a simple Excel based tool to help us to categorise and prioritise projects and programmes within a portfolio.  When used in conjunction with the PowerBi dashboard, it produces a bubble chart that allows clients to see which of your initiatives are the most attractive, which are the most achievable and a relative affordability.  

This can then be imported into PowerPoint to make a powerful analysis and decision-making tool to decide which projects to drop, which you can continue, and which need intervention to make more attractive or more achievable.

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Get a FREE 2-day Assessment

Let’s review your portfolio projects!

We are offering a limited number of free Projects Assessments to help you identify if you’re delivering the right projects and if you are able to deliver them successfully. We can tell you which of your projects will deliver the greatest value, the ability of your organisation to deliver them, and how to improve your chances of successful delivery.

Through our assessment, we will provide you with a clear and digestible report with a series of actionable recommendations.

Ultimately, you will be able to identify the priorities in your portfolio and how you can move them forward.

This will allow you to focus on the right activities for your business, confirm they support your goals and discard those which do not support your business outcomes.

Download our brochure

Download our brochure

Discover what a 2-day assessment entails and read what our clients have to say about us.

Read our latest blog

Read our latest blog!

Is your business delivering enough value from its projects? This blog highlights the challenges faced by businesses when running projects and how to prioritise those projects that will deliver the most value.

What is Project, Programme and Delivery Consultancy?

What is Project, Programme and Delivery Consultancy?

Have a watch of our Managing Director, Dan Wright, explain Project, Programme and Delivery Consultancy in his own words.

Why choose Kerv Consult?

Why choose Kerv Consult?

Partnering with Kerv Consult means gaining our experts as an extension of your team.


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