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Transformed Infrastructure

Helping you stay ahead by transforming your infrastructure and networks to give you the flexibility, availability, performance and speed you need.


We’re experts in design the cloud infrastructure for your business – and on helping to get there

Cloud platforms that provide the springboard you need for agility and growth, supported by networks that connect your people securely to your applications and your data. We’ve got the design, implementation and support skills to help you build your business on the cloud. Let’s talk about how.

The Kerv Approach

A cloud you can build your business on. A network to unleash your potential. All secure by design.

A user-centric cloud designed for your business.

We look at your business in detail, in your people and their roles, your challenges and your plans – only then will we start to think about the right solution for you.

Building your business on the cloud.

We won’t simply move your current services to the cloud – we’ll re-imagine your services on the cloud – enabling you to experience true transformation – unleashing the full agility, reliability and security the cloud can deliver.

A network for the cloud era

The role of your network has changed – you now have to deliver fantastic user experiences at home, in head office, in the branch and in the field – enabling your business to securely connect, communicate and collaborate wherever they are.

Facts and Stats

In 2019, almost half (47.9%) of businesses’ network infrastructure assets were ageing or obsolete, compared to only 13.1% in 2017. (Enterprise Times, 2020)


100% of IT leaders plan to adopt a hybrid working model for the foreseeable future. (Citrix, 2022)


Biggest security concerns In 2022 are ransomware attacks (41%) and Insider threats (18%). (DCMS, 2021)


Transformed Infrastructure that frees your users to perform, and your IT team to focus on what really adds value.

Microsoft Azure

A custom-built Microsoft Azure package from Kerv fits the bill – exploiting fast feature delivery, coverage in 54 regions (and counting) and 70+ compliance offerings.

Microsoft Security & Sentinel

A managed Microsoft Azure Sentinel service keeps your entire Microsoft ecosystem safe. Compliant with global standards, this cloud-native SIEM and SOAR cybersecurity solution provides iron-clad protection.

Citrix Cloud / Workspace

Citrix Workspace integrates all apps (SaaS, virtual, mobile and more), content (on-premises and Cloud), and devices (PC, mobile, IoT) together in one cloud-based interface. All your tools in one box.

Microsoft 365

Running an agile business relies on productivity, mobility and security. Microsoft 365 for Enterprise is a complete IT solution with the combined power of Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility and Security.

IT Managed Services

We offer a suite of managed services ranging from fully managed outsourced solutions right down to specialist managed services focussed on a specific technology or product.

Cloud Transformation

Kerv Transform Cloud services deliver the agility, scalability and continuity you need to move further, faster. But evolving your cloud capability to keep pace with your business needs is a big responsibility.

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From our world to yours

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