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Arvato Bertelsmann: Changing Up With Cloud-First Strategy

Arvato Bertelsmann is a global services company providing business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions in customer service, supply chain management, finance, and IT services, and is a subsidiary of the Bertelsmann Group.


As the pandemic and first lockdown hit the UK, call volumes quickly and significantly increased, particularly to Arvato public sector and retail customers.

Despite this, Arvato made the seamless switch to remote working. A dedicated team of Kerv Experience engineers supported the journey. For example, by mapping Genesys Cloud and PureConnect data to ensure payroll and client reports were intact, thereby minimising risk.

Having Kerv Experience in our corner is helping us win more business. They always respond, whatever we throw at them.

Gordon Dalgleish, Head of IT Solutions, Arvato CRM Solutions



Arvato’s project arose from a need to improve client onboarding and offboarding, accelerate service delivery and enable flexible and remote working.

We wanted to consider the merits of a native cloud solution built from the ground-up with an elastic web fabric — and, importantly, what advantages this offered for client onboarding and offboarding, faster service provisioning, and flexible homeworking.




After evaluating leading solutions, Arvato selected the Genesys Cloud application. “In the end it came down to trust,” said Steve Miller. “We had a brilliant partner in Kerv Experience who supported us throughout the migration.”

“Kerv Experience created a hybrid solution so it was easy to re-route traffic and we didn’t have to worry about complexities like quality of service and load balancing,” said Gordon Dalgleish, Head of IT Solutions, Arvato CRM Solutions. “We saved money by eliminating call diverts, then added chat and email to lower costs further still.”

Arvato regularly develops new solutions such as Automation as a Service, which uses IBM AI-powered bots and Blue Prism and Microsoft Power Automate for robotic process automation. Genesys AppFoundry has significantly improved the ability to quickly interconnect with other platforms. Other benefits from moving to Genesys Cloud included reduced support effort and lower cost of ownership.

“Having a purpose written cloud native solution designed for online use helped improve system performance,” concluded Steve Miller.


Genesys Cloud was integrated with the company’s previous workforce management system, simplifying tasks like resource forecasting and scheduling.

“We have over 100 reports that we rely on to ensure our invoices are accurate and transparent,” added Gordon Dalgleish. “Kerv came up with a handy workaround for shifting everything over to Genesys Cloud, so there was no disruption to client billing and revenue.”

Crucially, Arvato can transition or implement new services and react quickly to business opportunities. For example, onboarding 175 agents for a new client within a short four-week period. Equipped with prebuilt laptops, these agents were trained remotely using Microsoft Teams.

Best of all, Arvato is no longer tied by the geography of its sites. “Our recruitment pool is now location agnostic,” said Steve Miller.

Outcomes from the project

agents can work securely from any location.


new recruits onboarded in four weeks.


disruption to billing and revenue.


from faster service rollback and cheaper calls.


wider talent pool to choose from.

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