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Peace of mind when you work from anywhere

With hybrid and remote working, your people can access devices and data anywhere, from your HQ to a café in Kathmandu. Great for flexibility and collaboration. But security? Not so much. Our managed mobility and device security service keeps you safe across your entire mobile estate. With smooth purchasing, setup and configuration, your people can work safely and efficiently wherever they are.

Total reassurance. Your benefits.

Complete coverage

Every nook and cranny of your mobile estate is covered. Exactly what you need when even just one data breach can be devastating.

Managed handset security & delivery

Your handsets are delivered swiftly and safely, then set up carefully to meet all policies and requirements.

Tough security

With data capture, encryption, surveillance and global compliance available across your whole estate, your devices are safe throughout their lifecycle.


Flexibility you can trust


Choose from a wide range of management options that ensure safe and easy setup for your employees.



We always put security first. You can feel confident that the most robust security policies are applied across your entire estate.



We’ll make sure each of your employees gets the best kit for their particular needs and that every device meets organisational policies and regulatory requirements.

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Got a question about managed mobility & device security?

Mobile device management remotely manages mobile devices and their platforms throughout their lifecycles. It allows unique protocols, profiles and security applications to be applied across a whole mobile estate.

Mobility managed services cover all of the process management and IT services your organisation requires. This includes acquiring, delivering and supporting tablets, smartphones and other devices with security and connectivity.

There are several types of security for mobile devices, including traditional antivirus applications, hybrid-AI cloud security and mobile behavioural analysis.

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