Choosing the best Genesys partner for your organisation

Choosing the best Genesys partner for your organisation
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You may need help migrating from on-prem contact centre technology, already be on Genesys Cloud and looking to leverage AI or digital capabilities, or have an under-delivering service provider. It always comes down to the same question: how can you be sure you’ve got the right partner for the job? 

Basic due diligence

Most CX leaders and contact centre decision-makers have been around the block when it comes to preparing tenders. And they know the big boxes that need ticking.  

Top checklist items include: 

  • Ensure the partner offers a comprehensive range of services including consultation, implementation, customisation, integration, and training. 
  • Check they have the highest Genesys certifications and a proven track record of successful deployments. 
  • Look for relevant experience in your industry and make certain they can substantiate it with positive client references. 
  • Be sure they offer post-implementation and ongoing support with troubleshooting and Genesys updates, for example. 
  • Assess their communication style, responsiveness, and willingness to collaborate. All of which are essential for driving successful project outcomes. 
  • Consider their financial stability and reputation, so there’s no question they’ll be a dependable long-term partner capable of supporting your Genesys cloud solution over time.

While a pre-requisite for selecting the right partner, this ‘tick box’ approach provides only part of the picture. It’s unlikely to yield enough insight to accurately benchmark offers from different Genesys partners. 

Six less obvious (but essential) questions  

Stacking the odds in your favour takes more digging. Not least because migrating to the cloud and creating high-performing, digital-first contact centres is an ongoing journey, not a one-time project. There may well be bumps in the road or sticky moments. Most IT transformation projects have them. And you’ll want to be sure your Genesys partner has your back.  

So, it’s strongly advisable to complete a full check and ask: 

  1. Are they willing to invest time upfront helping you build a compelling business case and garner support from internal stakeholders? 
  2. Can they provide end-to-end solutions e.g., voice, data, security, compliance, bots and AI, software development, and networking?  
  3. Does that knowledge and expertise sit under one roof, or will you be left managing (and possibly caught in the middle of) more third-party relationships? 
  4. Are they able to de-risk and accelerate a Genesys migration by automating large parts of the implementation process? 
  5. Are they setup to help track service levels, return on investment, and close alignment with your project goals? 
  6. Does this include dedicated customer success managers who know their way around the Genesys organisation and bring new ideas through regular innovation sessions? 

What does good look like? 

When it comes to Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions, Kerv Experience knows how to get the best out of Genesys Cloud. A specialist skillset that’s regularly recognised by Genesys awards including EMEA Cloud Partner of the Year, Customer Success Partner of the Year, and Genesys EMEA New Logo Partner of the Year. 

In the words of our customers 

From a leading building society;

“Kerv Experience brought innovative ideas that really challenged our thinking. For an organisation governed by risk and compliance audits that was refreshing. That’s been proven through their delivery. We went from a blank sheet of paper, no requirements, no contract or legals, to go-live within nine months. If we’d gone with another provider, we wouldn’t have got it done anywhere near as fast.”

From a digital bank;

“Kerv understood the setup we wanted and gave us confidence around the product. Once we’d worked that through, the actual switchover to Genesys Cloud went without a hitch. User training only took an hour or so.”

From a broadband provider;

“Genesys had no hesitation in recommending and introducing us to Kerv Experience who quickly got onboard with our tight timescale. They looked at us as a customer, rather than trying to upsell stuff that we didn’t need on day one. Unlike other providers who weren’t as practical or as flexible.”

As the longest standing Genesys Cloud partner in EMEA, with the most successful deployments, Kerv Experience continues to help organisations accelerate contact centre improvements that boost both customer and employee experiences.  

Get in touch today and let’s start a conversation. 

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