Kerv Experience Invests in Practice Growth to Further Ensure Great Contact Centre Experiences for Customers

Kerv Experience Invests in Practice Growth to Further Ensure Great Contact Centre Experiences for Customers

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The sleek Nobu Hotel in Shoreditch, London, hosted this year’s Kerv Experience Customer Summit as clients, partners, visionaries and thought leaders gathered to share learning and candidly discuss the contact centre industry’s most pressing challenges and rewarding opportunities. An illuminating agenda featured engaging customer stories, speakers, panel discussions, product demos, and breakout sessions. 

Genesys Centre of Excellence

Aligned solely with Genesys, Kerv Experience is a recognised contact centre as a service (CCaaS) leader. The company has invested heavily over the last 12 months in strengthening that commitment and ensuring unrivalled support 

“Among many new roles we’ve created this year are three solution consultants, five professional services specialists, and eight dedicated Genesys cloud developers. Our carefully-designed managed service offer is increasingly helping clients offload day-to-day operation of their Genesys platforms, to fully concentrate on superb customer experience,” said Julian Barrow, the Kerv Experience MD.

Other extra resources now available for customers to lean on include pre-integrated solutions like CX Translate and CXVizz, with more to follow. “Sustainable business practices will continue to drive our strategy,” Julian added “Having applied to become a B Corp certified company, Kerv remains steadfast in its mission to harness the power of technology for the good of people, customers, society, and the planet.” 

De-mystifying AI and mastering change management 

Never far from the headlines, AI is transforming the way we live and work. According to Gartner 80% of organisations are going to be using generative AI by 2025. While it can enhance customer engagement, automate tasks, and streamline processes, success hinges on making correct technology and implementation choices. 

Another crucial part of the Kerv Experience expanding Genesys practice, CX Consultancy brings people, process, technology adoption, and change management sharply into focus.  

“There’s a lot of hype around AI,” said Paul Cox, a CX Consultant at Kerv Experience, “but we’re on hand assisting clients every step of the way. Whether that’s building and deploying safe, proven, and easy-to-control scripted bots. Or selectively targeting human-like generative AI solutions at more conversational and personalised services. All the time, we maintain data privacy and security.” 

Latest CX industry trends and key innovations with Genesys Cloud 

In addition, Genesys continues to drive product innovation, having released 360 new features this year alone. Looking ahead to 2024, Genesys AI will form a significant part of that R&D strategy.   

“We’re seeing the level of customer interactions tripling every five years,” noted Merijn te Booij, General Manager, Workforce Engagement, Genesys. “So, it’s unrealistic to expect contact centres to carry on scaling and keeping pace without AI. As well as containing costs, AI will play a big role in enabling organisations to differentiate and disrupt. For example, through superior customer journey orchestration.”  

Genesys has developed predictive large language models, along with generative AI solutions such as Automation Co-Pilot that identifies customer intent, advises on next steps, and ensures agents (or supervisors and admins) follow best practice. 

Other AI-powered product innovations in the Genesys roadmap include predictive routing, composable agent desktops, and workforce engagement management (WEM). The latter will be instrumental in effectively managing stress levels and avoiding employee burn out. 

CX innovation in action 

Next up at the Summit was a thought-provoking panel discussion. “Recognising that each Kerv customer is at a different stage of their Genesys journey, it’s great we can come together to share experiences, learning, and ideas,” said Katrina King, Chief Customer Officer at Kerv Group. 

The first panellist, a local council, is using Genesys Cloud to modernise public services delivery by adding chatbots and a centralised knowledge base. Self-service helps flatten front-door demand spikes, while agents save valuable time in not having to hunt between systems. The solution also scores answers provided to customers to monitor the bot’s effectiveness. Key to success was reassurance that AI was there to help – not replace employees – and serving transcripts when handing over to live chats, for example. 

The second, a financial services provider, is using Genesys Cloud to enable a fully remote service model where all agents work from home. Coming from a previous unstable voice provider with 25 different call queues, the strategy is all about making life easier for agents, rather than settling for an only-just viable product and replicating workarounds. Simple things went a long way. For example, by reducing effort copying links and extracting data from the CRM system. Phase two, implementing WEM, will be a real game changer. 

The final panellist, a broadband startup, leant on Genesys Cloud to scale from 8,000 to 60,000 customers in just 12 months. Initially deploying basic features, the platform has been expanded through CRM integration and WEM (with AI predictive forecasting, gamification, and sentiment analysis). Key factors for success included not overloading IT teams, investing in training and sharing data to build end user support. Benefits included improvements in service efficiency, scheduling, and forecasting accuracy, and employee work life balance. 

Seeing is believing 

Bringing the curtain down on the event, the live demos and interactive breakout sessions offered an ideal opportunity to view Kerv and Genesys technologies up close. Solutions showcased included agent assist, carousels, chatbots, CX Translate and WEM. 

Interested in assessing the capabilities of Genesys yourself? Take a tour or reach out to us for a tailored demo.


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