Does your existing solution ensure MS Teams eComms Compliance?

Does your existing solution ensure MS Teams eComms Compliance?

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We hate to mention the C word, but sometimes its unavoidable! Since COVID-19, the adoption of MS Teams has increased year on year, reaching an impressive 280 million daily users in 2023.


With so many financial organisations leveraging Microsoft Teams for everyday collaboration, the recording of Microsoft Teams calls and voice has been developed to use the Microsoft Graph API. This applies controls around call events and the recording of these calls. However, when compliance departments mandate the capture of Microsoft Teams eComms, a critical question arises – does your existing compliance solution offer the necessary support for Microsoft Teams compliance recording?

Microsoft Teams chat, screen sharing and video are well established and widely adopted Unified Communications tools. Microsoft Teams channels, messaging, screen and file sharing are vital collaboration tools when communicating with internal peers and external partners and clients. These interactions are stored within the Microsoft Teams environment, but this is not a compliant storage solution.

Enter Kerv – a dedicated partner supporting financial customers in meeting all Microsoft Teams compliance requirements. Covering voice, meetings, text, screen, file sharing, and video, Kerv’s comprehensive approach ensures compliance across all channels and modalities.

Kerv’s message archiving, monitoring, and content analysis ensure the capture, monitoring, and analysis of all communications, including eComms monitoring within Microsoft Teams, aligning seamlessly with regulatory requirements. Real-time alerts, keyword detection, and reporting further empower financial customers to demonstrate compliance effectively to the relevant regulatory body.

Microsoft Teams is just one facet of Kerv’s capabilities; it extends its reach to multiple platforms, capturing, archiving, and analysing user interactions to support your compliance and surveillance teams. Whether it’s unified comms, mobile voice, SMS, iMessage, or social messaging platforms, Kerv’s single management and archive platform offers peace of mind through streamlined systems and processes.

In a world where Microsoft Teams is a linchpin for collaboration, ensuring compliance is not just a necessity – it’s a competitive advantage. With Kerv’s data aggregation solution, organisations can confidently navigate the complex terrain of Microsoft Teams compliance, backed by a versatile platform that extends beyond Teams to support diverse communication channels.

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