Workforce Engagement & Optimisation Management

Engaged employees, brilliant customer experiences.

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Your employees are the beating heart of your customer experiences.

People buy from people. People help people. People embody your culture and values.


Whatever the role of technology in your customer interactions, people are at the root of everything your customers will experience about your brand.


Engaged, motivated employees are fundamental to your customers’ experiences – they deserve a great experience from you too.


An established Genesys Cloud platform partner, our deep expertise helps you completely personalise customer experience, improve customer insights, reduce effort with seamless integrations and automation and to deliver amazing service when it matters most.

The Kerv Difference

Harness the power of your people


Engaged Employees, Happy Customers

At Kerv we understand how important it is to create brilliant experiences for your people as well as your customers. Our contact centre transformations place your people at the heart of the customer experience – empowering them to be brilliant on your behalf. See for yourself – view all our case studies!


Optimised Operations, all the time

However small or large your customer experience team, having the right tools to help you ensure you’ve got the right people with the right tools on queue at the right time is essential. Our Workforce Optimisation solutions will help you get it right every time.


Every interaction compliant and secured.

Whatever your business – from financial services to retail, from healthcare to local government, it is imperative that data is protected, that guidance is followed, that payments are secure. Our security and quality management tools will help you ensure that every interaction is compliant and secured.

Engaged employees, brilliant experiences, secured and compliant, best outcome for all

Quality Assurance and Monitoring

Record every Interaction on every channel, without losing a single customer communication. Access valuable Insights from Voice of the Customer to identifying training opportunities.

Employee Performance Management

Provide a single, engaging platform enabling your employees to receive their training, recognition, communication and more – enhancing the employees experience throughout their career.

Speech and Text Analytics

Use AI and natural language processing to gain valuable insights from speech and text analysis from your customer Interactions – even improving interactions in real-time.


Engage employees with accessible scorecards, leader boards and other tools to help them meet their objectives.

Workforce Optimisation Scheduling and Planning

Ensuing you have the rights skills on shift at the right time to manage demand when you need to. Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to forecast traffic and create accurate schedules in minutes.

Long-term workforce planning.

Plan long-term to ensure you have the people In post when you need them, making the most of your budgets and planning for the optimum employee base at all times.

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