SOTERIA: Holistic Communications Surveillance

Proactive compliance, surveillance and risk mitigation.

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Enable silo-free communications surveillance with SOTERIA.

Capture all comms and market data with SOTERIA solutions and maintain communications compliance with all main regulatory standards globally. Surveil, capture, encrypt, store and instantly recall all forms of voice, e-communications and market data in a single, window-pane hierarchic view, in real time for MiFID II and FCA compliance. View all global data through a single portal, automatically transcribe voice communications to text and respond to case reconstruction demands instantly.

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The Kerv Difference

Real-Time Surveillance With a Single Lens View

Capture, store & analyse all media types

Media in any form, structured or unstructured, can be captured live and at source or ingested and stored, allowing firms to set up real-time alerts or carry out searches, globally, by keyword or keyword phrase, in multiple languages.


Single view of all comms & market data

SOTERIA, a SaaS-based surveillance, data capture, storage and analytics platform, resolves the issues resulting from having disparate silos of data, allowing firms to pull all of their global communications and market data (structured and unstructured, across any number of repositories) into a single window pane view and integrate with their trade monitoring systems.


Tamper-proof with full audit trail

Unique in-built 3rd party verification ensures full evidential integrity of all captured data and system activity, proving that no information has been tampered with or deleted, and that all records are complete.

Get a holistic view of your communications

Real Time Capture

Whatever type of communication data it is, SOTERIA can capture it, live and at source, even legacy archived recordings.


Keep data safe either on-premise, in a secure resilient cloud with no integration needed, or by using a hybrid of the two.

Search & Retrieval

Search metadata and retrieve objects from any location globally, all within a single pane view.

Data Protection & Integrity

3rd party certify your data, providing complete records of capture and storage for duty of care and evidential weight.


SOTERIA provides a fully encrypted and digitally signed audit trail for all objects and user activity. Nothing can be tampered with.

Retention Policy Management

Set retention policies based on any location and specified duration. Wherever you are, you’re covered.


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