Strengthening your Cyber Security with Microsoft Security Copilot

Strengthening your Cyber Security with Microsoft Security Copilot

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In the world of cyber security, staying one step ahead is not just a strategy but a necessity.

Enter Microsoft Security Copilot – a powerful tool in strengthening your cyber security within the Microsoft 365 environment. While it’s not a cure-all, Security Copilot offers huge potential to boost your cyber security processes, allowing you to identify and respond to threats faster.

If you’re interested in how adding AI functionality to your cyber security could help you, we’ve set out the main benefits below.

What is Microsoft Security Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot integrates powerful AI productivity features across multiple apps, allowing users to automatically create drafts, analyse data and even respond to emails. Microsoft Security Copilot applies Copilot’s industry-leading AI features to Microsoft Security, helping teams to improve their efficiency and improve security outcomes.

So, how can it improve security?

Threat investigation made seamless

Navigating the complexities of potential cyber security threats becomes more straightforward with Microsoft Copilot. By integrating Security Copilot with other tools in Microsoft’s security ecosystem such as Defender and Sentinel, it’s possible to use AI prompts to get an end-to-end view of your organisation’s security.

Using natural language prompts, users can swiftly pull information on suspicious login attempts and other potential threats, for example the prompt “what are the last three login attempts for <user>?” would return a list of the three most recent login attempts alongside contextual data such as the app, device, location and status.

Allowing Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts to use natural language prompts in this way speeds the process of investigating threats, allowing them to access the information they need in a much more streamlined way. This allows for quicker responses and better-informed decision making.

Efficient threat hunting

Speed is of the essence in the world of cyber security. Copilot equips teams with pre-built prompts to run commands, enabling the generation and execution of threat hunting queries in record time.

This acceleration in identification, containment, and response to security threats is a game-changer, reducing the window of vulnerability for organizations.

Accelerating security reporting

Reporting incidents is a critical component of any robust cyber security strategy. Microsoft Security Copilot takes this a step further by automating incident report generation, whether as a written report or a pre-formatted PowerPoint slide.

While human input is still necessary to verify accuracy and add context, the automated process significantly boosts the productivity of SOC analysts. It’s about achieving more with fewer resources and enhancing your organization’s overall security posture.

Staying on top of AI data

AI is a rapidly-developing technology, and there have been concerns about the potential for AI Large Language Models to create security risks within organisations, whether through malicious prompt engineering or data poisoning.

Microsoft Security Copilot also supports your team to understand how AI is being used across your organisation via Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Purview, helping you to track whether sensitive data is being used in AI prompts, blocking access to risky AI apps, and providing streamlined access to controls to strengthen your team’s ability to maintain compliance.

Is Microsoft Security Copilot a good choice for my business?

Microsoft Security Copilot can be a powerful tool in enhancing your cyber security capabilities. However, it’s not a solution in and of itself. The clue’s in the name – as a “co” pilot, the technology has been designed with the specific intention of empowering human beings to do more, not to replace them.

This means that Microsoft Security Copilot won’t be replacing your existing cyber security team any time soon. However, its features could help them to enhance their productivity, helping them to identify and respond to threats more quickly.

In fact, a recent study carried out by Microsoft showed that “new-in-career” analysts using Security Copilot were 44% more accurate and 26% faster across all tasks. That’s a significant productivity boost, meaning that even though AI isn’t capable of actively managing all your security needs, tools like Security Copilot could be a powerful addition to your arsenal.

How we’re using it at Kerv

Through our partner Chorus, we’re already using Microsoft Security Copilot to enhance our security offering. Chorus, a Private Preview Partner, have already seen how it can help to increase the efficiency of our Cyber Security Operations Centre.

Microsoft Security Copilot features are being implemented to enhance the features of the Chorus Bespoke Automation Engine, helping our analysts to work more productively and deliver enhancements to our service that reduce our clients’ cyber security risks.

Get AI ready with Kerv

Ready to strengthen your cyber security with Microsoft Copilot? Download our comprehensive guide: The Kerv Transform Guide to Getting AI Ready with Microsoft Copilot, which has been created to help businesses not just learn about Copilot but to build a practical roadmap to get AI-ready. And if you need more help, the Kerv Transform team is here to assist you in optimising your processes and maximising the potential of tools like Microsoft Copilot. Contact us today to stay ahead in the world of AI and propel your business to new heights.

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