Microsoft Teams Telephony

The world has changed. Your voice communications need to keep up.

The nature of communications has changed forever.

Employees now expect to work flexibly and need to work productively from anywhere. To stay ahead of the curve, organisations have to harness the power of their teams through innovative technology.

In recent years the growth of Microsoft Teams has been explosive. Adoption is now widespread but the majority of organisations are only using its basic functionality. People now expect instant access to each other, when they need to solve a problem they want easy access to information and colleagues.

So, you’re on Microsoft Teams… how can you take it to the next level? Well, as you’re already here, you’re probably interested in Microsoft Teams integrated telephony?

Unlock the power with Voxivo4Teams

Vovixo4Teams is a cloud voice solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams. Leveraging the best features of an agile hosted phone system, it greatly simplifies management and helps you drive more value from your investment. By adding voice-over IP, call recording, advanced analytics, and admin tools you can significantly reduce cost and improve your voice communications.

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Telephony options

Three ways to integrate Microsoft Teams telephony

Microsoft Teams Calling Plan

Using the standard Microsoft calling plan is the quickest way of integrating your Teams users with the telephone network, but it comes with limitations. It’s best for small or medium-sized companies who primarily make calls to UK destinations.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing allows you to take advantage of Kerv’s voice network, giving you access to competitive tariffs and international telephone numbers. We also include a management dashboard, so you can easily understand your calling costs. This is ideal for small or medium-sized companies who want to save money.


Voxivo4Teams adds extra functionality which allows you to unlock the full power of the Teams platform. It enables traditional Enterprise PBX features, such as hunt groups, IVRs, safe recording storage and retrieval. All from one easy-to-use web management screen.


Tom Talks: Microsoft Teams Telephony

We sat down with Thomas Perkins, Head of Product for the Microsoft Modern Workplace Stack, to discuss all things Teams Telephony.


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Kerv have a proven track record of using Teams as a platform to unlock organisation value. We have the widest range of Teams skills and applications available.


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We create a new way of using Teams to improve voice communication and collaboration inside and outside of your organisation. Kerv can help you integrate your applications, contact centre technology and business processes to deliver exceptional team productivity.


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Kerv are experts at Teams development, implementation and adoption. Our capabilities are unique and deliver significant organisational value. Fully integrating voice with Teams simplifies systems, reduces cost and drives productivity.

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