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Cyber risk is no laughing matter; it’s on the rise!

In 2021 alone, cyber attacks shot up by a whopping 50% – and the bad news is, they’re not slowing down. It’s time to get serious about cyber security and make it an integral part of your day-to-day operations. Don’t wait for trouble to knock on your virtual door – actively protect your data from these relentless threats. Otherwise, you’re risking everything from a damaged reputation to hefty fines, like those tied to GDPR breaches.


At Kerv Consult, we’ve got your back! We know that in today’s digital world, it’s absolutely crucial to identify, assess and squash cyber risks for your company. Our team of cyber warriors is here to help you outsmart these threats and embed the necessary controls that’ll leave those risks shaking in their boots.

The Kerv Difference

Tailored Cyber Risk Reduction



Sleep Tight with Trusted Cyber Services

Our top-notch cyber consultancy services will make sure you can snooze without worry, knowing your are fully protected against cyber attacks. With layers of rock-solid security and a proactive approach, we’ve got you covered from prevention to cyber response – no more tossing and turning over cyber risks!


Your Personal Cyber A-Team

Cyber risk reduction is our specialty, and we’ve got the dream team to back it up. Our team of consultants covers all the bases – from cyber experts and project managers to architects and technical wizards. Together, we’ll assess your threats, pinpoint your risks and set up a robust cyber security service that keeps a watchful eye on your defence.


Information Security and Data Privacy Champions

Not only does our cyber risk consultancy tackle cyber risks head-on, but we also champion information security and data privacy best practices. Whether you’re eyeing ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, NIST or GDPR compliance, we’ll guide you through the process, making sure your company aligns with the highest standards.

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