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Navigating the Path to Cloud Transformation, AI and Assurance in the Financial Sector

  • Date
    Wed 26th June 2024
  • Time
    09:30 - 13:30
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  • Location
    Everyman Cinema, Finsbury Avenue, EC2M 2PF
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Join us on 26th June to learn from industry leaders, including IV’s Colin Foster, Kyle Ansari – Kerv’s CTO and creator of the award winning Compliance Cloud solution and financial expert Ravi Sharma.

This event will delve into the ever changing world of compliance in the financial sector; specifically just how powerful data is and why its worth handling with care (whilst leveraging to the max!)

Key take aways

  • Discover how regulatory changes has, and will continue to affect your organisation – financially and reputationally
  • Understand why capturing and storing data securely is key to maintaining trust with your customers
  • Understand how AI can be utilised to pre-empt and prevent compliance breaches before they happen
  • How AI can also make that data work for you – compliantly of course!
  • See first-hand demos of the dashboard that brings all activities across these communication modalities together
  • Get your questions answered by the experts and discuss challenges with likeminded industry peers


9.30: Arrival and coffee

10am: Welcome and Intro – Brad Gorton, Managing Director, Kerv

10.10: The Changing Compliance Landscape and the Evolution of Technology
How do we paradigm shift from Voice Recording being a regulatory necessity to a data enhancement and monetisation tool that financial institutions desire?
Ravi Sharma, Head of Cloud & Technology Strategy, Kerv Collaboration & Compliance

10.30: Beyond Transactions: Building Trust and Compliance in Banking with Azure and AI
Cloud transformation enables financial institutions to leverage advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to gain insights into communication trends, sentiment analysis, and potential compliance risks in real-time.
Kyle Ansari, CTO, Kerv Collaboration & Compliance

10.50: Demos: Compliance Cloud – the AI and Automation platform, CDR Assurance and Monitoring dashboard
Kyle Ansari, CTO, Kerv Collaboration & Compliance

11.10-11.25: Coffee break

11.30: Get the most from your Data with a Compliant AI Co-Pilot
How to unify and leverage data from multiple sources using AI, enhance automation and innovation within the bounds of compliance. Learn to unlock the full potential of your existing data and embed insights into your applications and communications with Microsoft’s cutting-edge solutions, ensuring data integrity every step of the way.
Will Dorrington, CTO, Kerv Digital

11.50: Responsible AI for Financial Institutions
Learn how advances in generative AI are helping solve real world business problems for Financial Institutions and Compliance Teams.
Colin Foster, Global Head of Sales, Intelligent Voice

12.10pm: Summary & Panel Q&A

12.30pm: Lunch, Networking and drinks

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