Microsoft Flow Suspensions: Prepare for the March Deadline

Microsoft Flow Suspensions: Prepare for the March Deadline

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At Kerv Digital, we are steadfast in our commitment to keeping our clients and the wider community abreast of any shifts that look to reshape your business landscape. As we step into 2024, organisations need to be prepared for a substantial change from Microsoft concerning the enforcement of flow suspensions. This is especially critical for those relying on Microsoft’s Power Platform and Dynamics systems. Let’s delve into the what, who, and most importantly, the why of these impending changes. 

What’s on the Horizon? 

Microsoft is ushering in enforcement changes pertaining to flow suspensions. The focus is on flows operating outside their designated context or not aligning with their corresponding application. In essence, certain flows might face suspension if not appropriately licensed or associated. 

Who will this effect? 

This enforcement will cast a wide net, affecting every organisation leveraging the Microsoft stack – Microsoft 365, Azure, Power Platform, and Dynamics 365. Its impact will vary based on the solution’s criticality to your business. The flows typically at risk are due to issues from changes to licenses that have occurred since the flow was created. This could be a Premium flow created by a flow owner with a Power Apps license, but the flow isn’t triggered by the Power App itself. Equally, a flow could have been created by a user with a Dynamics license but the flow itself isn’t in a Dynamics environment or the flow isn’t interacting with Dynamics entities.

The Ripple Effect  

These proposed changes carry substantial implications, but the bottom line is simple. The cost of inertia could be significant, affecting your organisation in various ways: 

  • Disruption of Business Processes: Essential processes reliant on unlicensed or improperly associated flows may grind to a halt, leading to operational delays and inefficiencies. 
  • Increased Operational Costs: Without effective flow management, your organisation might face escalated costs, stemming from the need for additional licenses, emergency fixes, or workaround solutions. 
  • Compliance Risks: Non-compliance with Microsoft’s licensing requirements can result in legal and financial penalties, tarnishing your organisation’s reputation and bottom line. 
  • Loss of Data Integrity: Mismanaged flows can introduce data inconsistencies, impacting decision-making and business intelligence. 

These ramifications underscore the urgency of proactively addressing these impending changes to avert disruptions to your business. 

Our Recommendations 

  • Understand the Impact: Identify cloud flows at risk of suspension and assess their impact on your business processes.
  • Prioritisation and Remediation: Ensure your efforts focus first on business-critical solutions. This involves associating cloud flows with the appropriate applications and ensuring correct licensing. 
  • Expert Implementation: For a hands-off approach, our expert team at Kerv Digital is ready to assess and implement these changes, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your operations. 
  • Tailored Guidance: Recognise the uniqueness of every organisation, we offer personalised assessment calls to provide guidance tailored to your setup and requirements. 

Take Action Now
These changes are much bigger than mere compliance; they present an opportunity to review and optimise your Microsoft environment. See this as an opportunity to evolve in the right way and definitely don’t wait until vital processes are impacted. Book an assessment call with us today to ensure your organisation is not only protected but also prepared for these changes. Our award-winning team is poised to work with you, navigating these updates with finesse and efficiency. Embrace the future of digital transformation with confidence.

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