Kerv and Venari Security Partner to Widen the Lens of Enterprise Encryption

Kerv and Venari Security Partner to Widen the Lens of Enterprise Encryption

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The partnership will see Venari’s ETA platform integrated into Kerv’s existing product portfolio, providing even greater protection for customers

24 August 2022 – London – Venari Security, a London-based cybersecurity company, has partnered with Kerv, the next-generation, customer-first cloud & digital transformation services provider, to help organisations maintain strong encryption standards and mitigate against malicious activity hidden within encrypted traffic on their networks.

Kerv, which recently acquired TDS Global Communications Compliance Practice to form the Kerv Collaboration & Compliance Practice, complementing its existing mobile, data, and compliance division, will integrate Venari Security’s pioneering Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA) platform into its existing product offering, supplying a greater range of security options for its current customers.

Organisations are accountable for preserving the privacy of an ever-growing amount of data, and the financial repercussions of data leaks are significant. This has subsequently driven a considerable increase in encrypted communications to ensure compliance and data privacy. However, this has also provided opportunities for attackers to disguise attacks and maliciously target critical business applications, presenting significant security and compliance risks.

Without decryption, the Venari Security Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA) platform allows organisations to define, measure and maintain strong encryption standards, monitoring in near real-time for any deviation. The platform uses a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioural analytics and a rules engine to provide actionable intelligence. Organisations have greater oversight and understanding of encrypted traffic on their networks. The partnership will compliment Kerv’s existing regulatory and security services, and for the first time, Kerv customers will be able to gain real insights into their encrypted communications.

“Regulatory compliance has become a fundamental business priority, with the risk of substantial fines driving a massive uptake in encryption communications worldwide. However, whilst data at rest encryption has done a fantastic job at protecting our data, organisations need to find ways to gain back the visibility of their networks that encryption is currently concealing,” said Hiten Mistry, CRO at Venari Security. “Our partnership with Kerv will enable its customers to understand their encrypted communications better, meet regulatory requirements and gain insights over encrypted traffic on their network. Ultimately ensuring internal and regulatory compliance whilst supporting data privacy in transit.”

Steve Burges, MD Kerv Collaboration & Compliance, comments: “Venari Security has been at the forefront of cybersecurity technology, providing game-changing solutions when needed. Their solution perfectly complements Kerv’s existing regulatory and security services, so I’m thrilled to partner with the Venari Security team and support our customers to improve their security posture.”

Brad Gorton, MD Kerv Collaboration & Compliance Practice, comments: “With the majority of our customers within financial services, Venari Security’s complimentary offering will only enhance the value we can provide in what is an often complex and challenging industry.”


About Venari Security

Headquartered in London, Venari Security is an award-winning cybersecurity SaaS provider with the purpose to make the encrypted world more secure and compliant. Our ETA (Encrypted Traffic Analysis) platform fundamentally changes the way encrypted traffic is analysed. Without decryption, the ETA platform identifies threats and suspicious behaviour while delivering internal and regulatory compliance.  Venari Security uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and behavioural analytics to accurately understand the abnormalities between normal and anomalous behaviour during which data remains private.

About Kerv

Combining the world’s best cloud-centric managed services with a uniquely collaborative way of working, Kerv helps businesses get ahead – and stay there. Our team of experts focus on the bigger picture – your business goals, and we create the right cloud solutions to help you achieve them. Through its dedicated practices, Kerv Collaboration & Compliance, and the recently acquired Kerv Collaboration & Compliance, Kerv provide consistent and secure voice, data, mobile, and compliance solutions to organisations across a range of sectors.

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