Communications Compliance Trends in Financial Services

Are you prepared for the evolving landscape of communication compliance in the financial sector?

As technology advances and regulations tighten, staying ahead of communication compliance trends is vital. Our comprehensive guide explores into the key trends shaping the financial industry and introduces innovative technologies and services designed to streamline compliance management.

Download our guide to discover:

  • Insights into Regulatory Shifts: Explore the latest regulatory developments impacting communication compliance and how they affect your organisation.
  • Emerging Technologies: Learn about cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the complex demands of financial communication compliance.
  • Best Practices: Implement proactive strategies to ensure compliance alignment and mitigate regulatory risks effectively.

Don’t let outdated practices leave your organisation vulnerable to compliance breaches. Stay informed and empowered with our comprehensive guide to communication compliance trends in the financial sector.

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FAQs about SASE and How Kerv Can Help Your Organisation

SASE, or Secure Access Service Edge, is a comprehensive approach to network security with
cloud-native architecture. It provides secure and scalable access for remote and branch users, and
Kerv ensures seamless SASE implementation tailored to your organisation’s needs.

SASE transforms remote access challenges into a seamless experience. Kerv acts as your trusted
partner, facilitating secure connectivity for your global workforce and turning remote work into a
strategic advantage.

Absolutely! Legacy systems often act as a stubborn defence, hindering progress. Kerv assists in
executing a seamless transition to modernisation with SASE, delivering a powerful shot that
bypasses complexities.

The financial landscape can be challenging, but Kerv, acting as the strategist, ensures that
implementing SASE saves money and giving you a competitive advantage.

SASE simplifies network security in retail by providing a unified, cloud-native, and edge-
integrated solution. It streamlines security measures, centralises policy management, and embraces
Zero Trust principles, reducing complexity and ensuring a secure and agile retail network.

SASE facilitates scalability by providing an agile and flexible network infrastructure. Kerv assists
in achieving scalability for our customers by tailoring SASE solutions to align with the specific needs
and goals of your organisation, ensuring seamless expansion or contraction of the network
infrastructure based on changing demands.


How Financial Institutions are Overcoming Regulatory Challenges

Watch this short video, where Brad Gorton shares a little more about how financial institutions are overcoming regulatory challenges with Kerv.

Kerv Collaboration and Compliance is proud to work with 7 of the 10 top tier banks, insurance companies and traders, supporting them to maintain compliance in a constantly changing, heavily regulated industry.

As new communication tools are adopted by staff and customers, the need for data to be recorded, monitored and securely stored across multiple collaboration and social platforms is more critical than ever for organisations who want to uphold their reputation and avoid severe penalties.

Watch our video to learn more!

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How Financial Institutions are Overcoming Regulatory Challenges

Within the financial industry, adherence to various compliance regulations is essential not optional if business want to uphold their reputation and avoid financial penalties.

Kerv Compliance Cloud alleviates the strain on in-house IT departments to keep up to date with ever changing regulations, addressing the crucial need for comprehensive and managed recording solutions across a number of communication platforms.

The system is designed to verify recordings continuously, promptly flagging any discrepancies for resolution. This proactive approach not only ensures the accuracy and integrity of records but also instills confidence in its reliability.

Kerv Compliance Cloud stands out due to its efficiency, proactive problem-solving, and the assurance it offers to its clients. By foreseeing and addressing issues before they arise, it minimises non-compliance risks, allowing businesses the freedom to focus on their operations safe in the knowledge that Kerv is managing the compliance aspect.

In addition, its seamless integration with Azure’s robust feature set, combined with Kerv’s tailored modules for User Management, Data Ingestion, Storage, CDR Reconcialiation, Monitoring, and Reporting makes Compliance Cloud truly resilient.

Watch this short video to understand more about the features of Compliance Cloud.

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