Web Quality Policy


We are committed to being positively aggressive in our attitude towards quality and customer service as we want to be ranked the “best” in our market. Quality is not just another goal, it’s one of the core strategies for survival and future growth. It is our goal to position our company for market expansion and growth, thereby providing improved job security and quality of life for all. 


The purpose of this policy is to communicate clearly to our customers how we aim to ensure we deliver a quality service to them. 


This policy applies to all business operations in the UK and India including all policies, processes and procedures to deliver products and services. 


We have an established a Quality Management System which provides the framework for measuring and improving our performance. Our customers demand and warrant a high-quality service – it’s our responsibility to give them what they want because if we don’t – they will find someone who can.  



Our quality objectives are to deliver high quality software and services, on time and within budget. The attainment of such objectives will lead to customer satisfaction, repeat orders and positive word-of-mouth that will facilitate the growth of our company. It’s critical to understand that these objectives will not be achieved through a short-term program. It’s a long-term commitment aimed at continuously improving the way we work, providing a safe work environment, managing our business processes, and supplier selection/retention. 

Our focus is to exceed customer satisfaction expectations and delivery requirements through an internal process of continuous improvement. We have the following systems and procedures in place to support us in our aim to achieve total customer satisfaction via continuous improvement throughout our business. Our dedicated governance team reviews the below listed systems and procedures on weekly basis: 

To reach our objectives, we will have to maintain a constant focus on quality with full dedication, commitment, and teamwork. We annually review our quality objectives and once an objective is achieved, it is recognized and reset to stimulate further quality improvement. 


The Governance Team are responsible for this policy and its implementation. We commit to providing the relevant resource and to reviewing this policy annually and communicating it within the organisation and to external interested parties. 

Legal Responsibilities 

The UK government mandates several statuary obligations regarding information security. This policy therefore actively complies and supports: 

External Assurance 

We appoint independent external auditors to assess and confirm our compliance with ISO 27001, 27701 and 9001 standards on an annual basis. 

Worth Digital

is now part of Kerv

In a continued effort to ensure we offer our customers the very best in knowledge and skills, Kerv has acquired Worth Digital.