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Kerv recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. This document demonstrates how we manage our environmental impact and demonstrates our commitment to decrease the environmental impact of our business operations in the regions in which we operate. This Environmental Policy forms part of Kerv’s Environmental Management System which defines our adherence to the ISO 14001 environmental controls. 


The purpose of this policy is to manage Kerv’s activities to prevent or mitigate harmful effects on natural resources, the ecosystem or nature through continual improvement and reduction of our environmental impact.  We will strive to influence others to do the same and increase employee awareness through training.  


This policy applies to all Kerv employees in the UK and India, visitors, or contractors on Kerv premises and all interested parties.  


We will operate an environmental management system (EMS) that will be integrated into our management framework to:  

As part of our environmental policy, we make the following environmental commitments:  

Environmental Objectives 

We will continually set, monitor and work to meet the environmental objectives we set for ourselves. Our current objectives are: 

Energy and Water  

We will use energy and water efficiently in our operations by:  


We will minimise and where possible eliminate the release of any pollutant which may cause damage to health and the environment by using environmentally friendly cleaning materials as much as possible.  


We will reduce the social and environmental impacts of road vehicles on Kerv business by:  


We will minimise waste by:  

Environmental Education  

We will raise awareness of our environmental policies, practices and issues by:  


Kerv’s Environmental Impact Management Strategy outlines how we will monitor and measure environmental impact. 


The Chief Sustainability Officer, supported by the Environmental Management System manager and the Governance Team, are responsible for this policy and its implementation. We commit to providing the relevant resource and to reviewing this policy annually and communicating it within the organisation and to external interested parties. 

Legal Responsibilities 

The UK government mandates several statuary obligations regarding environmental commitments. This policy therefore actively complies and supports: 

External Assurance 

We appoint independent external auditors to assess and confirm our compliance with the ISO 14001 standard on an annual basis.  

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