Getting the Most from Speech and Text Analytics

Getting the Most from Speech and Text Analytics

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With contact centre traffic on an ever-rising trajectory, CX and service leaders are caught between a rock and a hard place: keep recruiting or watch service levels degrade. Neither of which are desirable nor sustainable. Discover below six top means speech and text analytics can fill the void, while extracting valuable meaning and learning from every interaction. 

Scaling QM in ways not humanly possible 

No organisation could reasonably justify the numbers of quality management (QM) personnel needed to carefully listen to and review every call, email, text, or chat message traversing its contact centres. 

Powered by AI and natural language processing (NLP), speech and text analytics bridge the gap by automating interactions and minutely examining customer-agent conversations.  Creating QM meaning and actionable insight from mountains of otherwise unstructured information – more cost effectively than humans ever could. 

Why consider speech and text analytics? 

Among myriad reasons for contact centres investing in speech and text analytics are: 

  • Better agent performance – lowering average handle time, increasing first contact resolution, improving sales conversion, and closing training gaps. 
  • Better customer journeys – identifying and addressing areas of high customer effort along with communication issues, process disconnects, and hidden frustrations. 
  • Better compliance monitoring – ensuring adherence to scripts and policies, and timely and appropriate escalations. 
  • Better planning – spotting trends and predicting future customer behaviours and needs. 

Set up correctly, these tools work hand-in-hand with QM processes. The fundamental difference being random manual call sampling methods – which only tend to capture less than 2% of all interactions [1] – are replaced by comprehensive real-time analysis of every individual interaction. In turn, improving accuracy, minimising bias, and ensuring compliance at every step. 

Picking the right use cases 

Importantly, speech and text analytics form a key pillar for the digital-first, data-driven contact centre. Not least because they enable managers and team leaders to better visualise what’s really happening during conversations. And thus, transform decision-making, internal processes, and service improvements. 

Here are six practical use case examples: 

Hard quantifiable benefits

McKinsey found that organisations implementing speech analytics achieved cost savings of between 20 and 30%, customer satisfaction score improvements of 10% or more, and stronger sales [2] 

Yet, those results could be understated. According to Opus, although 82% of organisations actively transcribed speech data, two-thirds leveraged less than half of those audio assets for business objectives [3]. Opportunities for CX, sales and efficiency gains increase further still when text analytics tools are factored in. 

As digital tools continue to improve AI and NLP capabilities – paired with selecting the right partner – are helping businesses identify customer dissatisfaction causes and revealing opportunities to improve compliance, operational efficiency, and agent performance.  

Genesys are currently offering existing customers a 60 day free trial for speech and text analytics. As a Genesys Gold Partner, Kerv Experience can offer the expertise to enable you to make the most of these capabilities. Interested? Contact Us today!



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[2] From speech to insights: The value of the human voice, McKinsey.

[3] State of Voice 2023, Opus survey.

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