The Low Code/No Code Canvas: The Benefits of Low Code Platforms for Business

The Low Code/No Code Canvas: The Benefits of Low Code Platforms for Business

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Thanks to the emergence and utilization of low code/no code development, you do not need to be an artist at coding in order to create a masterpiece.  The blueprint for innovation isn’t often channelled equally, however.  Sometimes resources are limited, more often than not it’s down to the tools available.  As such, in order to push beyond boundaries, traditional methods become rather limited.  When it comes to technology, being able to paint with broader brushstrokes in the full spectrum of colour, those conventional barriers are falling. 

From The Sketch Pad into Reality 

The necessity of relying on large amounts of coding has meant businesses have been tied to monoliths (potentially disconnected ones at that) that at once hold up a large amount of digital real estate.  This in turn gave very little room for maneuverability and/or creativity, meaning for ecosystems that were poorly structured and slow to change.  What Low-code platforms provide on a base level is a visual interface where users can very quickly and easily sketch their ideas and bring them to life. Without having to rely on overly complex coding language, pre-built components can be simply dragged and dropped (screenshot example below) just as easily as selecting different colours from a palette. In turn, these components are able to be customized and configured with intuitive settings, which then allows for an architecture of made to measure applications for their unique requirements. No-code platforms take this even further, providing a gamut of components and empowering users to create applications using only visual interfaces, without ever touching a single line of code.  

drag and drop builder

Overflow Of Ideas 

This transformation of power and being able to open up a new world to different departments across the business means that marketing teams, sales representatives or business analysts can shape their own applications.  This democratization of development fosters a culture of innovation, as individuals with diverse perspectives contribute their unique artistic touches to the organizational canvas.  Application creation in turn becomes a more fluid, efficient, and ultimately more inventive enterprise, as well as removing an over reliance on IT departments.    

It’s All About the Details 

When it comes to the intricacies, there is no need for painstaking hours of toil.  AI powered automation can flesh out ideas and enable employees to focus on more strategic endeavours.  What’s more, the use of low code/no code platforms can compose custom data analytics dashboards and predictive models that will in turn reveal more within the frame of your business.  Microsoft have made it easier than ever to add this to your Power Apps via Power Fx. What this means is that you’ll have access to both pre-trained and custom AI models, and can be used with any control within your app.  Below you’ll be able to see an example of how this plays out in real time.

AI builder

Structuring For Success 

While technology changes at a rapid pace, the ability to adapt to different trends marks your business out from those stuck in their own ways.  It doesn’t matter how good your designs are if you cannot adapt.  Being able to evolve in such a way will provide a foundation for expansive growth.  Utilizing low code/no code platforms can begin the process of constructing a much more efficient, more spectacular ecosystem for your company.  Transform dull lifeless spaces into wonderful swathes of beauty and creativity.  By embracing empowerment, cost-effectiveness, you can ultimately create something special amidst the complexities of the competitive market without the need for a painstaking costly process.  

At Kerv we’re big advocates for empowering teams to innovate using low-code or no-code platforms like those offered in Microsoft Power Platform. To find out more about how we can help, get in touch for a chat.

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