Kerv Digital @ The Memcom Conference 2024

Kerv Digital @ The Memcom Conference 2024

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Connections have power. Meeting people and facilitating that is what drives both industry and innovation. Memberships can transcend mere transactions and becoming catalysts for meaningful relationships and collective impact. That’s why as an organisation our mission is clear: to bring people together, fostering communities bound by common purpose and shared values. In every instance, we strive to create spaces where individuals can find belonging, inspiration, and support, knowing that together, we are stronger.

As an organisation, we love being in the mix when it comes to making positive change. To that end, we look toward places where we can have a platform for insightful conversations about the evolving landscape of such businesses. We’re always delighted to be part of the dialogue, exchanging ideas and gaining valuable insights into the pressing issues at hand. The recent Memcom conference was the perfect springboard to harvest our plans and grow our ideas.

AI is a hot button issue right now and of course one we were spoken to a lot. But there’s more to the membership landscape than that and of course we want to be seen to be a pillar of the community when it comes to the entire scope of what memberships need. One of the key takeaways was the importance of understanding wider societal issues. Another focal point of discussion was the need for member organisations to adapt to the changing preferences of younger generations. With the desire for more value for their money and a preference for different engagement channels, there must be innovative and different ways found in order to cater to these evolving needs.

Additionally, we were shown the importance of embracing technology and taking risks to drive growth and development. While the strategy may have been risk-averse in the past, there is a growing recognition of the need to embrace technological advancements and explore new opportunities.

We were also reminded of the significance of data-driven insights and the role they play in understanding member journeys and delivering relevant services. By leveraging data effectively, membership[s can better tailor their offerings and enhance the overall member experience.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) emerged as another critical theme at Memcom. With younger members placing increasing importance on EDI initiatives, member organisations must make this a priority and leverage tools like CRM to measure and track progress in this area.

Overall, our experience was enriching and enlightening. We left with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing member organisations today. As with everything when it comes to advancing technology there are decisions to be made and more than one path in front. Speak to Kerv Digital today and we will be able to hold your hand and show you the way to go forward.

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