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Focusing on employee engagement and performance matters: measure less encourage more

In today’s business world, companies are in a constant struggle to outshine their rivals. In the midst of this competition, where customers exhibit reduced brand loyalty and employees grapple with escalating stress levels, the significance of focusing on employee engagement and their performance matters immensely. And right at the heart of it, contact centres have a crucial job, dealing directly with customers.

This white paper dives into six key areas that CX strategists and service leaders need to master to stay ahead in the game:

  • Focus on metrics that count
  • Brilliant employee experiences drive engagement
  • Maximise personal development
  • Data driven customer intimacy
  • Identify the right AI and automation tools
  • Manage resources with less effort

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Case Study

GoodShape elevates member experience, call quality and compliance bar



Project type

Digital Transformation


Genesys Cloud CX

GoodShape is the leading UK authority on workforce wellbeing and productivity.

The business helps identify, understand and respond to employee needs quickly, such as illness, injury or bereavement. Customers range from FTSE 100 companies in manufacturing and transportation to NHS Trusts and the police.

Through better call prioritisation, our nurses were able to improve triage efficiency, make more timely interventions and get members at serious risk referred quickly. This undoubtedly helped save lives.

Suzanne Marshall
Clinical Governance Officer, GoodShape

To meet the demands of a rapidly growing business and maintain its market leading position, GoodShape embarked on a digital transformation programme. The aim was to successfully transition from a rigid on-premise solution while redesigning and improving both the member and colleague experience.

Specialist customer experience partner Kerv Experience helped scout the market and benchmark suppliers against the company’s 15 key requirements. For example, by ensuring service levels consistently met 99.99% availability 24/7/365.


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After a period of consultation Genesys Cloud was selected as the way forward. Blended inbound, outbound, call-backs and emails are now managed effortlessly from one omnichannel desktop. Productivity and member experience have been further improved by integrating Genesys Cloud with the company’s back-office systems and JIRA, a home-grown CRM platform. The payroll system will be next, automatically capturing extra shifts within employee payslips.

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Superior advisor and member experience

GoodShape advisors and nurses typically only took a few hours to pick up the new system. “They like the new features, such as peer and supervisory support via live chat or video calls, and feel more engaged and in control when dealing with members,” says Ed Lane, Head of Operations.

“Kerv’s cloud and contact centre expertise proved invaluable in helping us to get the best out of Genesys Cloud. Their specialists helped design and align the solution with our processes and KPIs.”

John Coyne Head of IT, Data and Compliance, GoodShape.

Automating caller ID verification alone has saved around 30 seconds per call and slashed the time it takes staff to access information and link call recordings within the CRM system. Members have more options to self-serve and can also request a call-back or complete a short survey and leave feedback – new services that weren’t previously possible. “Work quality has improved year-on-year with scores increasing by 6%,” says Lane. “Moreover, we’ve seen a fourfold reduction in employee attrition rates, pointing towards increased job satisfaction.

One month’s calls in a week
GoodShape stayed tightly aligned to the COVID-19 timetable and fast-changing advice from the UK Government throughout.

“We had to handle one month’s call volumes within the first week, while at the same time redeploying 150 worried employees to safe home working,” says John Coyne, Head of IT, Data and Compliance. “To overcome this, we adapted our protocols and care pathways daily. This included on-the-fly changes to IVR menus and messages, ensuring our team and service users always received expert advice and the latest information.”

Crucially, GoodShape digitised entire processes and introduced COVID-19 control protocols within days. “Through better call prioritisation, our nurses were able to improve triage efficiency, make more timely interventions and get members at serious risk referred quickly,” says Clinical Governance Officer, Suzanne Marshall. “This undoubtedly helped save lives.”

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Solid 300% growth plan
GoodShape serves multiple NHS trusts, so any drop in performance directly impacts their clients’ ability to staff safely. Near-live data is critical to ensuring these needs are met.

The company has laid a solid foundation for achieving its 300% growth plan. It was the first absence management provider in the UK to be ISO27001 certified. Now, twice-yearly quality audits are more straightforward. Bringing screen and voice recording together has halved the time required by an assessor to undertake an audit.

Other results included a 63% year-on-year drop in abandoned calls (excluding COVID-19 impact during March/April). Advisor and nurse occupancy levels have improved.

Average handling time has reduced by 30 seconds, saving around £80,000 a year. Members can now close absences using IVR. This has cut inbound demand and costs by over £100,000, while third-party chat and email object routing has saved a further £125,000 per annum. In the first four months, over 1,100 customer satisfaction surveys were completed, with an average score of 88.7%.

“We’ve not only managed peak demand, but also raised our game – safely migrating to home working while improving the quality, speed and effectiveness of services. As a result, we now have a significantly more agile business model and resilient disaster recovery plan.”

Ed Lane, Head of Operations, GoodShape

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