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Mobile Voice Recording: Migration, integration and monitoring



Financial Services

Financial Services

Customer Overview

In today’s fast-paced world, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives – both personally and professionally.

As is now common, employees within the financial sector are often geographically dispersed meaning mobile usage as a form of communication within the financial sector has increased amongst bankers and traders. With financial regulations stipulating that any interaction that may lead to a trade must be recorded and stored securely, institutions are looking for solutions that can help them to achieve this – enabling compliance, upholding their reputation and avoiding significant fines.

The Challenge

One of Kerv’s existing customers, a large Tier 1 bank contacted Kerv C&C for this exact reason. Having experienced issues with their previous provider they wanted a partner that could transition their entire voice recording estate onto a new network and provide network-based call recording solution with secure data storage and the ability to retrieve records when needed.

As an existing customer, already using our technology in a different area of the business, they were confident that Kerv would continue to be that trusted partner to provide this new fully integrated solution.

SIM-based mobile compliance recording
The Solution

Kerv worked with the customer to identify the challenges they were facing, the main goals they needed to achieve and created a roadmap, capturing all their requirements in order to build a bespoke solution to fit their needs.

Together with our trusted partner, EE, the customer was seamlessly transitioned to the EE network which was rapidly configured to capture all network-based calls made across the initial 1500 users, which subsequently increased to 2500+ users after a successful rollout.

In addition, the Kerv portal allowed for all legacy data to be migrated, providing a consolidated view for inhouse compliance staff to view both legacy and live active data in one unified interface.

Kerv are proud to be the go-to provider for compliance solutions across all areas of the financial sector. Remaining compliant is of upmost importance to banks and other financial institutions, and our agnostic approach together with our dedicated software developers allow us to continue to provide enhancements, updates and adjustments as regulations and customer requirements change.

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WhatsApp compliance recording
The Future

Just as regulations are guaranteed to change, so will the adoption of new collaboration tools and platforms. Kerv C&C’s comprehensive suite of compliance services, together with our deep routed partnerships and in house experience perfectly positions us to help our customers to navigate current and future compliant challenges.

From social compliance platforms to the CDR Reconciliation and translation capabilities of our Compliance Cloud solution – if you want to be ready when the regulators come knocking, come and talk to us today.

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