AI and Digital Bots from Kerv Experience

AI and Digital Bots from Kerv Experience

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Smarter Automation for Hyper-Personalised Experiences

Kerv Experience supports the entire suite of Genesys technologies and solutions. Drawing on that deep pool of skills and expertise we are able to combine Genesys Voice and Chatbots, Knowledge, Predictive Web Engagement, Predictive Routing and Agent Assist into one AI-based managed service offer.

While conversational AI with generative AI capabilities helps automation adopt a human touch, predictive AI provides deeper customer insight for personalisation, with more accurate forecasts to improve workforce planning. Moreover, the simplicity of implementing and supporting a turnkey solution reduces cost and complexity. 


The chart below illustrates just some of the many Genesys AI contact centre solutions supported by Kerv Experience.

Bots offer various levels of intelligence. You can implement basic question and answer bots, or more advanced, conversational bots. One of the simplest and best ways to design, create, and maintain a bot is to use Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows. Genesys also offers an open AI platform for integrating third-party or home-grown bots. All tasks that Kerv AI specialists can help with. 

In addition, our CX Translate solution removes language barriers agents encounter when using webchat, messaging, social media, and email. As part of a two-way conversation, it interprets in real time what the customer is keying in their native language and conveys the precise meaning to the receiving agent, and vice versa.  

Deployment Models

Choosing which type of bot to deploy depends on how you want your customers to interact with it, the service it provides, and the outcomes you want to achieve. Kerv Experience consultants are well-placed to advise and support throughout all stages of the deployment process – discovery, building, training, testing, launching, optimising, and maintaining. 

The latest Genesys Cloud licencing requirements apply: 

  • Agent Assist – Manual search is included within the GC2 licence with automatic knowledge insights available as an add-on licence. 
  • Chatbots – Included within GC2 licence. 
  • Knowledge Management – GC2 and GC3 licences. 
  • Predictive Routing – GC1, GC2 and GC3 licences. 
  • Predictive Web Engagement – GC2 and GC3 licences. 
  • Voicebots – GC1 licence. 

Demo and use case examples

The example below includes several new Genesys AI features released in 2023 and showcased in live product demos at Kerv Experience events. 

Product roadmap 

Further Genesys AI features delivered or planned for 2024 include: 

  • Summarisation Digital for automating digital conversation summaries. 
  • Summarisation Voice for automating call conversation summaries. 
  • Answer Highlighting, extracting specific text from knowledge articles. 
  • Native ASR improvements, improving transcription quality and third-party costs. 
  • Data Generation, providing alternative utterances for faster bot building. 
  • Template Generation, based on customer use cases for creating bots. 
  • Entity Recognition, enabling agents to auto-fill documents from uploaded images.  

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