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The Role of AI and Data in Local Government: Leveraging Technology Whilst Reducing Costs

  • Date
    Thu 22nd February 2024
  • Time
    11:00 - 12:00
  • Event Type
  • Location
    Microsoft Teams

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The role of AI and Data in Local Government: Leveraging Technology Whilst Reducing Costs.

AI is playing an instrumental role in enhancing citizen engagement in local government. By leveraging AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, local governments can provide citizens with round-the-clock access to information, as well as answer common queries – empowering citizens to access government services at their convenience, without the need for an agent to intervene.

AI is bridging the gap between citizens and their government by creating better communication. Join Kerv and Genesys experts on the 22nd February as we discuss the following topics:

  • Enhancing citizen experience with AI: how a self-serve strategy can save Council’s money whilst allowing them to handle bigger volumes of interactions.
  • Using AI in Data Analysis and Decision Making for Local Government.
  • How Local Councils can leverage and implement the right technology efficiently and stay within their IT budget.
  • Data Governance and Privacy: ensuring Councils are compliant with the use of data across all digital channels and systems.

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