Migration Services Assured for Genesys PureConnect Contact Centre Customers

Migration Services Assured for Genesys PureConnect Contact Centre Customers

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Last year, Genesys announced it would be withdrawing support for PureConnect customers. In this blog we discuss the implications and options available to contact centre owners using end-of-life products. 


Here are the key dates:

Date Deadline
1st January 2024 End of Sale for PureConnect subscription and PureConnect Cloud
1st August 2024 End of Renewal for on-prem maintenance
31st July 2025 End of Support for all PureConnect platforms

That carefully phased process means after 31st July 2025 Genesys PureConnect will cease operating. The platform will shut down and users will be de-activated. Until then Genesys will, of course, continue to provide support. However, there will be minimal upgrades, with product development and sales activity stopping at the end of this year. That also implies, except for essential bug fixes, no new releases after 1st January 2024. 

Currently, Genesys Engage On-Prem customers are unaffected by the announcement. 

Compelling case for CCaaS and Cloud 

While Genesy PureConnect has served the industry well, contact centre customers’ needs, business strategies, and technologies have rapidly evolved. Today’s mature Contact Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) model offers superior benefits in respect of performance, agility, and innovation. 

For all such reasons, Genesys has confirmed Genesys Cloud as its de facto experience orchestration platform. 

Along with near-infinite scalability, Genesys Cloud allows IT teams to escape hardware and on-prem system maintenance, while also transforming operations through open APIs, off-the-shelf AppFoundry plug-ins and integrations, and shorter project lead times. 

In addition to contact centre futureproofing, CX leaders enjoy greater control and self-sufficiency when it comes to making changes. Standardising on a single cloud platform also translates into improved employee engagement and support – especially for hybrid workers. And better customer experience and visibility over cross-channel digital journeys. 

EMEA-leading Genesys migration support and knowledge

When it comes to moving contact centres to the cloud, Kerv Experience will be alongside every step of the way. As the longest established Genesys Cloud partner in EMEA, we’ve achieved fifty-plus successful implementations – the highest number of any EMEA partner – with a 97% project delivery customer satisfaction rating.  

We offer a complete package of Genesys Cloud migration enablers, including: 

Our dedicated teams are on hand to bridge any gaps and assist with technical, commercial, or change management challenges. For example, highlighting factors to consider and pitfalls to avoid. Or, uncovering opportunities to leverage your existing PureConnect investments. And using automation tools to fast-track design, implementation, and secure data transfer 

Foolproof methodology 

While every Genesys Cloud migration has unique requirements, they often share similar project characteristics and components. Drawing on knowledge gained from so many successful deployments, our migration methodology can be easily adjusted for different customer circumstances. For instance, the needs of government, enterprise, and mid-market clients; or to cater for specific data security and compliance requirements. 

A typical PureConnect to Genesys Cloud migration engagement can include:

Phase 1: Assessment 

  • Every successful implementation starts with information gathering.  

Phase 2: Plan 

We’ll help create a detailed project plan confirming (for instance): 

  • The final solution to be developed 
  • Deployment schedules 
  • Risk management measures 
  • Handling of change requests 
  • Communication strategy 

Phase 3: Project launch 

  • Cloud migration kick-off meetings to confirm project objectives, milestones, timeline, roles and responsibilities, and next actions. 

Phase 4: Execution 

  • Collaborating closely with the client’s internal team, we rigorously monitor all stages of the deployment to ensure it meets stakeholder expectations. 

Phase 5: Testing and acceptance, training, and knowledge transfer 

  • Along with user training, Kerv specialists will arrange full documentation related to the Genesys Cloud solution. 

And our work doesn’t stop there. In the weeks following the go-live, we’ll closely track and follow up any issues impacting Genesys Cloud users.

To discuss your PureConnect migration options or arrange a demo of Genesys Cloud, please contact sales.experience@kerv.com. 


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