Auto top-up means you never have to worry about your Kerv Account running low on funds. If your funds fall below a preset threshold, Auto top-up will automatically add funds of a specified amount to your Kerv Account.

Please note that Auto top-up takes place at 06:00 GMT each day, not at the precise time your funds fall below your preset threshold.

  1. Log in to your Kerv Account
  2. Open the main menu
    menu icon
  3. Select “Auto top-up”
  4. Switch on Auto top-up to reveal the options - by default, Auto top-up is set to “off”
    Auto top-up off
    ArrowAuto top-up on

  5. Use the first slider to set the Auto top-up trigger amount (or type in the amount)
    If balance falls below slider

  6. Use the second slider to set the top-up (Load) amount
    Load slider
  7. Choose which payment card you want the funds to come from (if your preferred card isn’t listed, click on “Manage cards” to add a new payment card)
    Select card dropdown

  8. Make sure you click “Save” to apply your preferences
    Save button
  9. If you wish to turn off Auto top-up, just use the main switch at the top of the screen
  10. You can change your Auto top-up preferences at any time - just be sure to click “Save” to apply your changes

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If you are still having difficulties, you can contact us via the following methods:

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  2. If you are logged in, send us a message using the located in the menu
  3. Email us at